Monday, September 26, 2005

This past Saturday was our annual trip out to Stratford. In the usual fasion we left late (by a few hours) but we always manage to have plenty of time. We had a lovely pot luck pic-nic by the lake/pond (whatever that water thing is). It was a bit chilly this year but we managed alright. After dinner we headed up to town and got some warm drinks while we waited for the play to begin. I got myself a very good hot chocolate that came with chocolate shavings and a pocky stick. The play began at 8:00pm and was in the Avon theater (I'm pretty sure that's what it was called). It was my first time in that theater and I have to say, it was quite nice. We had very good seats in the balcony and for once there was no large person obstructing my veiw. Our seats were pushed back a bit so it made it a lot easier to see. The play itself was quite enjoyable. We saw Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennesee Wiliams. There definitely was no chance of not realizing while this play had that particular name. I've never heard a title more stressed in my life. The whole thing took place in a bedroom so the set never changed. I thought this couldn't possibly be interesting, but characters came in and out of the room and everything just seemed to work. My favourite character by far was big daddy. He was just hilarious, spitting out all kinds of scetchy language (sounded just like home lol). The play ended at 11:00pm and we were once again heading home. Of course we did our annual stop at the local Timmy's before the long journey back. The Straford CD's this year were quite good. I very much enjoyed the variety of songs even though picking mine caused me much distress. Next year I vow to choose well ahead of time... well maybe not...

OK Ribon time. I've taken such a long time putting this up it's almost time for the next one. In all honesty, it's taken so long because I wanted to read the new stories before I posted so I could give a little summary. Unfortunitly my Japanese sucks so it's taken me forever to read to two (ya that's right two) and even now I haven't finished both. In any case, the big new story that started this month is called Love Berrish by Haruta Nana. It's about a 15 year old girl named Fukushima Yuuya who, as far as I can tell, is entering a new summer school academy (it may not actually be a summer school... she might just be starting in the summer or it may have nothing really to do with summer at all... ya my Japanese is that good). OK so on her way to school for the first time she gets lost and bumps into this guy... from here on in it's kinda all fuzzy... she manages to get to school, is shown her new living quarters and then meets this other really hot guy (well that basically what she calls him). Eventually she meets this other girl and the guy she bumped into on the way to school... lalala some stuff happens (I don't really know what)... lalala she's all upset and wanted to leave school and that guy she bumped into tells she to go home to her mother and father... eventually the hot guy convinces her to stay. End chapter one. All this could be totally wrong. This is really only an opproximation of what I think happened. The other new story is called Kurumi's Oracle (I think... the real title is Kurumi no orukoru... I'm just guessing orukoru is oracle but once again I may be wrong). This story is looking really cute. It's about this girl named Kurumi who has this little music box thing. One day a little fairy girl comes out of it who can play all kinds of music. I haven't finished reading this one yet but it looks like it should be fun.

The furoku this month was just awsome. A Love Berrish tin pencil case that is just sooo kool and pretty. It has multiple layers/compartments and is painted in such pretty colours. In addition to the pencil case there was Star Blacks stationary and a Shinshi Doumei Cross punch out wall hanging thing (uuh I can't remember what exactly it's called). All in all this was a great issue!

Monday, September 19, 2005

This past Friday I had my little surgery to take out my upper M2's. Why M2's and not wisdom teeth you ask? Well, for some reason my M2's (or 12 year molars) never decided to come down on the top and just recently changed direction and started growing into the roots of my upper M1's. The dentist and oral surgeon both seemed to think that if I left them in they would likely cause major problems for me in the future. Sooo, I decided I'd have them removed. To be quite honest I was rather scared about the whole thing. I'd never had any kind of surgery before and definitely had never been put to sleep.

Friday morning I was feeling a little nervous and when it came time for me to go into the "opperating room" I kinda felt like backing out. I was in a corner room with windows on two walls and it was raining. Sitting on the chair waiting for the doctor I started to think.. damn I got to get the hell out of here. But then the doctor came in and that was that. There was no turning back. He put this mask over my face which gave me a combination of oxygen and laughing gas and then started to get the IV ready. The gas didn't really do anything right away except smell a little funny, and I couldn't help but wonder how many dirty faces it was placed on hehehe I'm such a freak. After about a minute I started to get a little tingly (like when you wake up on an arm that has no blood in it anymore). The doctor at this point told me that he was putting in the IV. It didn't hurt at all and actually went in at the inside of my elbo (I thought it was going to be on the back of my hand). He then told me he was putting in the drug and then I was out. The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room and the dental assistant telling me I was leaving (talk about kicking you out fast). She changed my gauze one last time and I was out the door. I don't actually recall walking out of the office but I do remember getting into the car and then going to sleep. By the time I got home I could start to feel some pain so I took one of my pain killers. Things were going relatively OK for a while. I was changing my gauze every half hour and spitting up all kinds of blood (lovely thought isn't it?) but I wasn't really feeling any pain. All that changed when I took my fist penicillan. The damn pills made me horribly sick. I ended up shaking and laying on the bathroom floor for about a half hour. I finally started to feel a little better and then all of a sudden I felt the urge to throw up. I ran to the washroom and in the process knocked over the bottle of penicillan into the sink where I proceeded to through up on the pills. The whole thing kinda makes me laugh. I managed to salvage 15 of the 30 pills so now I'm gonna have to explain to the doctor why I need more. After a while I got used to the penicillan and things haven't been to rough since. I've been living on all soft foods, which has been great cuz I get lots of ice cream but bad cuz I can't eat italian bread (well the crust anyway). My face swelled up like a balloon a day after the opperation. I looked like Monica on Friends when she was wearing that fat suit. Everyone in my family kept saying I looked like a chipmunk. The swelling has steadily been going down but now my cheeks looks kinda bruised and there are these yellow lines under my eyes. I hope by tomorrow things will be considerably better since I have a job interview (yay!) and I don't want to have to cake on the make-up but at this rate it looks like I'll probably have to. Anyhoo, that's been my ordeal so far. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow morning for a check-up so hopefully everything is healing well.

I'm a little behind on my September Ribon entry but it should be coming up soon. The furoku this month was just awsome!