Thursday, June 16, 2005

Well, after four years of university I finally convocated this past Monday. The morning was kind of warm and humid with some very light rain so you can just imagine what happened to my hair. I had to get downtown early to pick up my hood and gown so I ended up having to wait around in the heat for a while but it went by fast since everyone got there early. I ended up graduating with distinction (which pleasantly surprised me since I had no idea they separated people like that). It would have been nice to graduate with high distinction but I worked hard for my distinction so I'm happy with it.

The ceremony itself was about 2 hours I think. Thank goodness convocation hall was airconditioned otherwise I may have litterally died. It was pretty interesting seeing all the high ups dressed in their costumes and talking in latin. I was really happy to see that Dr. Rogers came to the graduation. It was nice to have what I consider to be my best proffessor at my graduation.

After the ceremony I took pictures with my friends and family and then got my diploma framed and picked up a 2005 graduate pendant. At this point it started to get really dark and looked like it was going to rain. So I quickly returned my gown and just as I got out of University College it started to pour. Luckly my mom had brought the car around so I got in just before it got really bad. A lot of people still hadn't gotten their diploma's framed so I don't know what happened with them (I was kinda wondering whether new ones would be issued if theirs got wet). Anyway...

After that, my parents, brother and I went out to the Octogon for a celebratory dinner. We had never eaten there before since it was expensive but we figured this was a once in a lifetime thing so we would go all out hehehe. The place was really nice and we had about 10 waiters (one for pretty much everything). I ended up getting a lobster which was soooo good. With every meal they gave you garlic breath, and appetizer tray, and a side. In addition to our meals we all got a salad and a dessert. It was definitely an excellent filling meal but I'll probably never see the inside of that place again... or at least not until the next milestone rolls around...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Well it finally warmed up (a lot) and I must say, it's about damn time! Since the weather has been so nice I've been outside swimming a lot and working on my tan *cough* sun burn *cough*. Yes I've gotten a little red but it's slowly fading so all is good with the world. Lately I've been out and about quite a bit... and by out I mean out of this basement I live in (yes it's sad).

This past Friday Christina asked me to go see a musical put on by the Etobicoke School of the Arts. I wasn't really expecting to see a really high quality production but I must say I was absolutely floored by this show. They did a muscial called Seusical which is basically a comibination of Dr. Seus's stuff. The story revolved around an elephant that was trying to save the Who, who lived on a speck of dust on a clover. The preformers did an absolutely spectacular job and if I didn't know better I would almost think that I was watching a professional production. Some of the singers, especially the female lead characters, were fantasic. The whole time I was watching it I couldn't help but think "jeez I hope this is being taped cuz this would be a fabulous addition to any audition to a professional company". Anyhoo, it goes without saying that I had a great time and hopefully I'll get to see more of their productions in the future.

Saturday night we had a girls night out and went to see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The movie was OK but did they really need to have a little girl dying of cancer in it? It is wasn't for this I wouldn't have started to cry. But of course this started a chain reaction which couldn't be stopped until the movie finished. After the show we went over to Windy O'Neils for some drinks and boy was the service pathetic. DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT!! This was the second time I was there and both times the service was bad. I ended up leaving a 5 cent tip, I cent for each of us hehe yes I know I'm bad.

Yesterday I went to pick up this months issue of Ribon. The furoku it came with included a Star Blacks Chain and Bracelet, a Ageha 100% fold together jewlery box and an extra story book. It definitely wasn't the best furoku ever, especially since I haven't read any of Star Blacks so I don't really care about getting stuff from this series. But next month should be a bit better. There is still going to be Star Blacks stuff but it should be nicer than this months stuff.


While I was picking up the Ribon I noticed another magazine with some Futago Hime furoku. So I decided to spend a little extra money this month and pick it up. The magazine is called "Youchien" which means "Kindergarden". This isn't surprizing though since the magazine is clearly for little kids. Anyway, the furoku included some stuff for boys (not shown) and the Futago Hime Stuff. This included paper dolls that can be dressed up and a big castle punch out for the princess party, where the girls can dance with the princes. There is even a little Pumo punch out hehe. Inside the magazine there is a mini Futago Hime story, which I have been told is actually episode five. There are also some ads as well as a little strach game and a separate book of games. Next month's furoku is going to be a Futago Hime punch out ice cream shop, which looks very cute. If I see it around again I just might pick it up. If anyone is interested in seeing the mini story or more pictures of stuff in the magazine just send me a message.

Last night, Lisa and I went to see Star Wars episode three. Overall the movie was interesting and I must say I was never bored with it but was this really a quality movie? The action scenes were nice but they made up 90% of the movie. So as you can imagine, the dialog was lacking. When they did speak there really was no feeling in the things they said and was it just me or did Anikan seems mean and generally ill the entire movie? I don't know, I seriously have my doubts about all three of these new movies. I think by far the worst thing of all three of the new Star Wars was Padame's death (I don't know how to spell her name). What the hell did she die of?!? Nothing! That's right, absolutely nothing! Now maybe it's just the scientist in me but what are they supposed to put on the death certificate? No anatomical cause of death, likely died of a broken heart? I think Lucus could have at least made her die as a result of childbrith... at least that would have been believable...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

OK so as I mentioned before, since I'm pretty much just sitting around the house I've been doing all the laundry, dishes, cleaning etc. Yesterday I noticed that every single dish towel in the house was in the laundry. My philosophy on dish towels is as follows: you are theoretically using them to dry clean dishes right? Well if the dishes are clean then so should be the dish towels. Am I not right? This being the case I would hope they would last more than one day. Why on earth would we possibly need to use every dish towel we own in ONE DAY?!? So I had a little chat with my mother and calmly informed her that from now on she was allowed to use only one dish towel per day and that if I saw anymore than that in the laundry the rest of the towel would be hidden and she would be put on dish towel probation hehehe. Today when I woke up I noticed one dish towel nicely hanging on the oven door... now that's what I like to see.

Since I did a huge batch of laundry yesterday (everything to be exact) I was assuming that there would be very little laundry this morning. Oh how wrong I was. My laundry was of course next to nothing and my parents combined had about a half a basket (which contained mostly towels so that wasn't unexpected). My brother on the other hand, had an entire basket! This was rather shocking, seeing as how less than a day had passed since I did his last basket. This of course got me wondering what he could have possibly done to accumulate so much laundry in one day. Upon transfering his laundry to the washer I counted FIVE pairs of boxers! OK now I am all for cleanliness but is this not excessive? How does a person even go through five pairs of boxers in one day and why would you need to? OK maybe I can see two pairs but five?!? No, I'm sorry, that's just insane. Maybe it's something in the genes, it just seems as though everyone in this house wants to be excessively wastefull... maybe I'm just the strange one...