Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This past Sunday was my twenty-third birthday (wow that sounds old) but alas I had a physics examn I had to study for so I stayed on rez all weekend (though didn't end up gettting much done). Friday night I got to go out with some of my friends here for a birthday celebration dinner at Kelsey's so that a lot of fun. They gave me a free chocolate explosion cake that was just sooo yummy *drool chocolate*. On my actual birthday I went to a toy show in the morning and then home for lunch and a cake. It wasn't the most spectacular birthday of my life but it was quite good concidering the circumstances.

The toy show was at the international center and was probably the biggest I've seen so far. There were a ton of vendors but quite a few of the regular ones I look forward to were missing. I did fairly well though. I got myself two my little ponies (one of which was a flat foot pony yay!!), and a plush pupcake. I didn't end up buying anything else that I collect but I did end up buying a lot of puzzles. While walking down one of the isles I just happened to notice three cyclindrical puzzle containers with fairy tales on them. I just absolutely loved the art work (it's that I dream of Jeanie kind of style) so I had to get them. They were only two dollars a piece so it wasn't a big investment at all. Later on I happened to come across more puzzles like them but these were in a complete set! So obviously I bought those too. I don't really know much about them. I suspect they were made in the late 50's or 60's but there is no date on them so I can't be sure. Anyway, here are some pictures. If anyone has any information at all about these types of puzzles please let me know.


Friday, April 22, 2005
SUKISYO 11 & 12 (END)

Ok I'm seriously behind with this show. I watched these episodes a long time ago raw and then just recently downloaded the subs so I guess I just haven't been in the mood to talk about them. Anyway, once again I really can't remember what happened in these so here's a general idea... super quick version...

Sunao tries to make Sora kill Shinichiro (he wants revenge because Sora left him at Aizawa's lab). Shinichiro makes it easy for Sora and walks into the knife. Nanami walks in and is clearly upset. Sunao goes back to Aizawa's lab where he is informed that Sora didn't actually leave him >> he was told to "let go" by Aizawa. Sunao is really pissed now, so he attacks Aizawa. Meanwhile, Sora and Shinichiro are at the hospital and Sora wakes up realizing what has happened. He runs off in search of Sunao and gets a phone call from Aizawa telling him to come to the lab alone... of course he does and finds Sunao all tied up. So he and Nagase fight and eventually he frees Sunao. They try to escape but Aizawa shows up and locks the place down... another fight... the place catches on fire... Sunao and Sora run for the door but Sunao trips (cue the memories). Aizawa tries to make Sora let go but this time he holds on to Sunao and finally Nagase gets a conscience and steps in front of Aizawa. He tells to two to leave and the fire engulfs him and his father. Sooo Sora and Sunao come out of it alive, Shinichiro gets better and all is well with the world... tra la la happy ending.

Ok so I skipped over a lot (like Sora faceing his past and not needing Yoru anymore)... but anyway my thought on the series...

Overall, it was a fun show to watch. Comedic and serious at times with an ok storyline. I kinda wish it would have been longer. It probably could have been a lot better... but oh well. I was kinda disappointed with the animation at times (especially in the later episodes). Other than that I don't really have a lot to complain about... except that I wanted more episodes.. give me more!!!



I started watching some of the new season shows... well actually just two so far. Obviously I'm watching Tsubasa, as I'm sure most people are. So far I'm been rather pleased with it. I like the voice actors they chose and the animation has been pretty nice (though the second episode was definitely not as nice as the first). I just started another show today called Loveless. It's another shounen-ai (or it's supposed to be). So far I've only watched the first episode but I'm quite interested in it. The animation is really nice and the story seems like it'll be good. I think I may start blogging it since I'm all done Sukisyo so I won't talk more about it now. I think it's enough to just say... boy with cat ears... nyaa...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well, I'm back on rez and back to work (ha well not really). Yesterday was my first real "kinda" school work day. I went down town to go to a physics review session so I did a little reading and some questions... so I guess that's kinda studying. My exam isn't until next Tuesday so I have tons of time.

It wasn't a very pleasant day yesterday. It was all rainy and yucky but I still forced myself to walk around in it. I could've straight home after the review session but since I was already downtown, I decided to walk over to Spadina and check out Kikiwai... it was a longer walk then I had anticipated but at least I got some exercise in. I wanted to buy myself something but there really wasn't anything I particularily liked... so I left empty handed and all wet. On the way back to campus however, I walked on the opposite side of the street and came across a store called AnimeXtreme... obviously I went in hehe. It's a really great store. They have tons of manga for sale, anime for rent, and load of stuff to buy (figures, plushies etc. etc.) I didn't end up getting anything but I'll most definitely be going back there. I've added the link to their website in my Toronto anime/manga stores section.

The walk back to campus was even worse than the walk over to Chinatown center. I got all wet (even though I had an umbrella) and was really tired. By the time I got to the subway I was pretty much dead. I just felt nasty.. like a wet subway rat. But we ordered some really good pizza for dinner so everything turned out all right in the end.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the last two Ribon issues. I just love the free stuff they come with. March came with an adorable pink saboten no himitsu purse and an extra little puzzle/story book. April came with a saboten no himitsu marker set, shinishi doumei cross notebook, stickers and another little story book. Next month is supposed to come with some kind of cd with games or something on it plus a book of extra manga stories (like the one from February). I just can't wait! I love buying these things!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Damn it's been nice out lately! I really hope it stays this way. The pool guys are coming tomorrow to open the pool so maybe I'll be able to go swimming (ya sure). I went for a walk earlier tonight with my mom and it was still pretty warm. We went to the park and played on the swings... my mom even went down the slide (it was pretty funny)... I've basically just been resting lately. I don't have my first exam until next Tuesday so I've got loads of time to study. Plus I really needed a break after last Wednesday...

Forensic science day actually went really well. I think my presentation was ok (but I'll have to wait for my mark before I can really say how well it went). After the day was over we all went out to Milestones for dinner. It was a really nice night. We got the party room and all just had a chance to relax.

Thursday morning Nicki and I went deer hunting (hehe... meaning we went to get our deer skull). We looked around for more pieces but alas there was none to be found. After that my dad came and picked me up and I got to go home!! (I hadn't been back in a while). Once I got home I immediately drove over to JTown to get the April Ribon (I was getting worried it would all be sold out but it wasn't). The free stuff this month was pretty kool. Got a whole set of Saboten no Himitsu markers... last month's stuff was kool too so I'll try to post a picture of them both soon.

After about one day at home I was already bored out of my mind so I've been trying to keep myself busy. I went to visting my aunt's flower shop and that resulted in my cousin offering to take me out shopping for my birthday. So Saturday afternoon we went out and I got two really nice tops for the summer (yay I never get new clothes). After that I had to drive all the way to Mississauga to get my black pants and shoes for a funeral. It ended up being fun though... Christie and I decided to go out for lunch at Pizza Hut and we got a huge amount of food for only $5.99.

Later that night I met up with Christina at Dairy Queen for some ice cream. It was nice to catch up with her for a while. After that we went back to her place, had some hot chocolate and played a little mario party. It was a fun day.

My mom's uncle passed away this past Friday so Sunday I went to the funeral home and then this morning was the funeral. He had been sick for a while with parkinsons. It was a really nice ceremony. Lots of singing and praising the lord... ok now normally I don't go for all that stuff but it was actually pretty nice (in an american idol sort of way - or so my jewish uncle said hehehe). The cemetary was nice too and since the day was really warm and sunny it made it all the better. Tomorrow life starts up again. I'm going downtown for a physics review session and then back to rez until Sunday (my birthday yay yay). There's a toy show on my b-day so I'll be going to that then coming back here for some chinese and a cake... then back to rez. Should be a fun time though...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Today was our second day of mock presentations but when I got there Dr. Cummins said I didn't have to present again so he just looked at my slides. I was really happy because I hate presentations so if I can cut the amount I have to do, all the better. Anyway, since it was an absolutely gorgious day I dragged Rachel out on a walk with me (Nicki joined us to). I really wanted to check out the meadow to see if I could find any of our pig long bones now that the vegetation was really low. So I followed all the animal trails I couldn't get to before and ran across a skull!!! I was sooo happy. I think it's probably deer and I'd really like to keep it but I though I should email Dr. Rogers about it first. After the little meadow search Rachel went home and Nicki and I continued on through the forest. We ended up checking out the rat complex (so I got to see Penelope again) and then walked along a cliff looking over the credit river. We followed a path to erindale park and then back up to campus. We were out well over an hour but I really enjoyed it. I actually felt like I had rejoined the world of the living if only for a little while. There were so many families at erindale park having picnics, fishing etc. You get a littel warm weather and everyone jumps at the chance to get outside. Well anyway, I hope it continues cuz I'm definitely ready for some summer.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

OK so I've basically been a hermit this last week. I don't I've ever been so stressed in my life. This forensics thesis is going to be the end of me. My paper is no where near finished and it's already up to twenty someodd pages (and it mighty crappy let me tell you). I am feeling a bit better today though. We had to have our presentation done by this morning for practices and at the last minute I managed to get everything together (thank goodness). The practice was pretty good (knock on flesh) but I still have one more tomorrow before the big day on Wednesday. I'm just praying everything turns out ok (and that I don't get asked any questions). The presentations are only 8 minutes long so it's not that bad but we have to do it in front of a room full of forensic professionals... man am I gonna be scared. Luckily my presentation is in the morning so I'll be able to enjoy the free lunch!

Today was incredibly nice (anyone go outside and enjoy the day?). It was warm, sunny and the bugs are coming out... I actually saw a tiny butterfly! It kinda raised my spirits which have been way down lately. Anyway, it's April now (the most fabulous month of the year *cough* my birthday *caugh*) and school's over so things are looking up. I've only got two exams but unfortunitely I'm not done until May 4... so I'll be left here all alone. I think I'm really gonna miss living on rez. Yes the people in charge of rez are major asses and the accomidations can be questionable at times but I really love being close to school and around lots of friends *tear* I'm gonna miss everyone.