Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ok, all I have to say is that this week was friggin stressful. I don't think I've ever felt so sick, nervous and on the verge of tears so much in my life. I've kinda calmed down a bit now. I had a nice stress free day at the coroner's office and I got a chance to take a nap (which I most desperately needed) so I'm feeling a bit better now. The cases I got to watch this week and last week were really interesting (especially last week). I got to see a bunch of different suicides and a couple suspicious cases... plus I also got to help out a bit!!! I got to help hold up a body, help with some picture taking with the PA's and with Ident. It was a super fun day. These next couple weeks are going to be the worst in my life but after the 13th everything should be fine (if I make it that far). I can't believe it's almost all over. I'm kinda planning on writing up an entry on all my most memorable experiences here over the past four years, so look forward to that in the near future.


I really don't feel like summarizing these episodes so here's the short short version...

Sunao doesn't want to live with Sora any more so he moves out of their room. Sora isn't happy about this at all. To get them back together Matsuri sends Sora and Sunao on a wild goose chase as a do-it-all team request. They basicaly have to run around the school at night in a kind of scavenger hunt. At the end they find a note from Masturi saying that Sunao likes Sora and Sora likes Sunao so do forget these feelings. After becoming friendly with eachother again Sunao and Sora walk past the window Sora fell out of. He starts to feel pain and eventually asks Sunao to come into the build with him... Sunao agrees and the episode ends.

On a side note... Ichikawa finds Sunao and Nagase talking about something they are planning to do to Sora. Ichikawa confronts Nagase about this and Nagase hurts him, leaving him laying on the ground.

Another side note... Early in the episode Shinichiro and Nanami have a heated discussion about Aizawa and how Nanami used to work for him... things really start to get interesting in this episode.



This episode starts off where the previous one ended with Sunao and Sora going into the hallway where Sora fell out the window. Once there, Sunao tells Sora about their past and how they were experiemented on at the hands of Aizawa. We learn that Nagase is Aizawa's son and was helping with this torture. To deal with the pain, Sora created Yoru and Sunao created Ran. Sora was always the strong one protecting Sunao. One night Shinichiro and Nanami came to break them out of the lab but while attempting to escape Sunao fell and was left behind *tear* (for the life of me I can't understand why Nanami didn't just pick him up like Shinichiro picked up Sora). Anyway, Sunao was left all alone hoping that one day Sora would come back for him... but he didn't. At this point Sunao starts to cry and Sora apologises to him and then kisses him! Sunao pulls away but then Sora hugs him and they start to kiss (for real this time) and then off comes Sunao's shirt (jeez that was fast). All we get to see is Sora laying on top of Sunao and then the scene changes (did they do it?... who knows). While all this was going on Ichikawa managed to get to Matsuri to tell him what happened. Shinichiro is called and when he learns of Nagase and Sunao they run off to find Sora. They find him laying in the hall by the window with a jacket covering him (fully clothed) but no Sunao. He's brought back to him room where he tells Matsuri that he loves Sunao (awww). Later on in the episode Matsuri and Ichikawa find Nanami and ask him to tell them what happened in the past. We learn that Nanami used to work for Aizawa but once he met and fell in love with Shinichiro he realized that what he was doing was wrong and quit. To get back at them Aizawa took Sora and Sunao for experimentation. Their goal was to create killers... as all this is being explained Sora gets out of bed... looking very much under some kind of mind control and leaves. Off in another location Shinichiro finds Sunao but Sunao is not happy. The episode ends with someone opening the door to the room their in...

Very interesting stuff. The next episode is quite good but I won't write it up until I watch it subbed (don't wanna make any mistakes). This week should be the last episode so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. Hopefully there will be a happy ending with Sunao and Sora getting together...


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's been so long since I watched this episode I don't even think I remember it all that well... plus I've kinda been watching the raw episodes so everything is getting jumbled in my head. Anyway here goes... Yoru has been showing up more and more often (for some late night activities with Ran) and Sora is having a hard time dealing with it. Nanami invites Sora and Sunao over his place for dinner but Sunao refuses to go... That is until Sora puts in a do-it-all team request for Sunao to go with him and so Sunao is forced to. Just before they are all about to sit down to eat some dinner, a man named Souchi shows up. Shinichiro is very upset about this (since Nanami was the one who invited him). While the two lovers quarrel, Souchi takes Sora and Sunao over to his law office. While there, he gives them some tea with what I'm assuming to be sleeping pills in it. The two of them fall asleep and are taken to the hospital where they are examined. We later find out that Nanami set up the whole thing because he was worried about the frequency of Yoru and Ran's appearances. All this was kept from Shinichiro because Nanami was sure that he would protest. Sunao and Sora are left at the hospital for the night for the rest of their examination but poor Sunao can't sleep all alone because he is used to being in the doom with Sora. So Sora tells Sunao he can stay in his room for the night and the two of them share a bed... awwww it's soo cute!!


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yesderday night was my very last murder mystery ever *tear*. I think it went really well and everyone had a good time. Honestly I think it was one of if not the best one we've put on so far. Everyone who had a role did a fabulous job, I was just sooo happy. I was a little worried that moving between scenes would be a disaster but it all work out really well. For those of you who weren't there (shame on you... j/k hehe), the story revolved around four cousins (a drunk, psycho, fashion obsessed and control freak) who stood to inherit all of their grandmothers money once she kicked the bucket (she was on her death bed). However, they learned that the will had recently been changed and all the money was going to be left to one person... hmm who could that be? It is later discovered that the money was willed to none other thatn the bulter! Why you ask... well, because he is in fact the grandmothers illegitimate first born son!! The story just gets more twisted from then on. Since I don't feel like typing it all out if anyone is interested in knowing more let me know and I'd be more than happy to fill you in.

Today I went to the last day of witness testimoney for the coroner's inquest I've been attending. It was quite interesting and submissions for recommendations will this upcoming monday. I probably won't be able to go then so hopefully they won't make any decisions right away. The trial ended around 12pm to I decided to hang around the downtown campus a bit. Since I had to pick up a book from Robarts I headed over there first and when I was done, decided to check out the East Asian Library. It was quite big and had some interesting stuff so I hung around in there for a bit. After getting lost and finding my way out I decided it was time to leave the library and head somewhere else. Sooo, I just walked along St. George figuring that I'd take a lot at the U of T book store for any clothing sales. Along the way, I dropped in to the engineering building (just to look around) and I happened to notice the deans list posted on the wall. My curiousity getting the better of me, I walked over to take a look. I wasn't in the least surprised by the name I saw listed under the chemical engineering section... you all I'm sure know what this name is so I really don't have to write it here. I had to walk away because I almost started to cry... I was just so proud of him... and maybe something else... I don't know. I thought I was over it but, well... I must be crazy, someone please knock some sense into me. After leaving the engineering science building I walked over to the book store and noticed an arts and science job fair so I thought hey what the heck? Onve again, however, 90% of the companies were looking for buisness students and the few science related ones where nothing even remotely interesting to me *sigh*. I spent a little time after that wandering through the bookstore and then finally hopped the shuttle for mississauga. It was an interesting day and I got a good amount of excercise in... course that's all for nothing now since I ate a bunch of junk food when I got home... poo I have no self control.

Sukisyo episode 8 coming soon... it's getting super interesting!!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Well I've officially done it... I'm am now the ultimate champion of burning food. As my roomies can attest, I've burnt well over my share of foods. Most of the time it's just toast but on those special occations I'll go the distance and burn more exotic foods. Today I did what likely not many have done before me... I burnt eggs while attmepting to hard boil them. That's right, they were on fire. Normally boiling eggs take a little while so instead of staring at the stove I decided to go upstairs for a bit and play around on my computer. I checked on my eggs once and they seemed to be coming along nicely so I went back up to my room. A little while later I smelled some burning ("I smell burning!"). I immediately rushed downstairs and found blackened eggs, a burnt pot and completely evaporated water. I didn't even think you could burn eggs! Lara changed her name on msn to "Marla is truly the burninator"... sadly enough it really is true...

Friday, March 04, 2005

It's been a long week and I mean long. I started off really nice with another 10cm of snow (no I'm not trying to be sarcastic... I actually really love snow). I managed to convince Rachel to build a snowman with me and it turned out quite nice. It so much fun playing in the snow. In addition to the snowman, we made snow angels and ate snow with maple syrup (which was really good btw). Tuesday night there was the first annual UTM drag show, so a bunch of us went out to see it. The acts were absolutely hilarious so it was a lot of fun.

The inquest involving my study just started this week so I've been going down to the coroner's courts everyday. It really is quite tiring but I've learn a lot and it's going to be really useful for my paper. So far we've listened to testimoney from doctors, witnesses and some of the officers involved. I'm not sure what's going to be happening next week but I'm pretty sure they won't get to the recommendations until the week after so it's going to be a long run....


It's valentines day and we all know what that means... chocolate!! The do-it-all team of course will be delivering chocolate. Nothing much happens in the way of plot development in this episode. There's just a lot of chocolate deliveries by Sora and Sunao in silly angel costumes. There is a side story however, that involves Sora and Sunao attempting to test Nanami and Shinichiro's relationship. It ends up with Sora ruining a whole bunch of romantic encounters between them so it's quite funny. Overall this wasn't one of the best episodes though it is definitely worth watching, if only for the very last scene (which btw, I have not posted pictures of). If you wanna know what happens you'll just have to watch it... I can say though that it's very yummy hehehe...



This episode starts off with a very embarrased Sora and Sunao about what happened in last scene of the previous episode. Matsuri quickly shows up and gives Sora and Sunao a new do-it-all team assignment. The two of them are needed by the rowing team to help out in a competition, however, Sunao can't swim and so Sora has to do double the work. Throughout the episode, Sunao sneaks off during the night to go somewhere but when confronted by Sora, says that he must have been dreaming. Sora of course decides to follow him and finds that he's at the swimming pool. Sunao had been attempting to get over his fear of water, which apparently steams from some childhood trauma where he was purposely held under water. Anyway, Sunao jumps into the pool only to start drowning and Ran appears. Sora jumps in after him (having turned in to Yoru) and saves him. Once Sunao comes to Yoru yells at him about hurting Ran. Sunao then begins to cry, saying that he didn't want to hurt Ran and that he has nowhere else to go and that he wants to be with Sora and Matsuri?? (a little confusing here). At the end of this episode we see Nagase talking to what appears to be Sunao. It seems like Sunao might be working for him but this is all really unclear right now. From what I can gather, something happened in the past involving Sunao. This something was probably pretty bad... The show is getting quite interesting. Can't wait to see what will happen next.