Monday, January 31, 2005

Well I got my mini forensics presentation out of the way today, so no more presentation for a little while at least. I think this one went a lot better than the one last week. I wasn't really all that nervous and I actually slept last night (imagine that). It was probably just because there were no marks on the line (just my self respect... and we all know how much I care about that hehehe).

I was sitting in class downtown tonight and while waiting for the prof to arrive I starting thinking about, well, people. I found myself looking around and people are pretty consistant. Everyone sits in relatively the same spot with the same people, it never changes. There are quite a few people in that class that stand out to me, though maybe it's just because I have nothing better to do than look around (since I know absolutely no one in that class). Let's see... there's the cutie who is yes, probably four years younger than me hehehe. He sits all alone at the right side of the side in the same row and seat every class. I'm not sure what it is about this guy... quiet, cute and taking physics (well I guess that's enough eh). Ok then there's a guy that sits a few seets over from him. This guy stands out because he's aways reading these massive and I mean massive old books... hmm wonder what they are... A few rows down there's this natural red head who is actually really hot and dresses very uniquely (also sits alone). Not my type in any way though. Scooting over and down into the very front row there's the guy that came up to me for no particular reason at all, grabbed my hand and asked if he could read my palm... strange.... Moving to the left side of the class there's this really nerdy guy that for some reason seems very familiar to me, hmm... now to the back of the class, the american and the weird guy that tried to write notes to me in tutorial. Oh ya there's also another guy back there that seems so incredibly familiar (looks like maybe one of my brother's friends... who knows). Ok now that I'm done being a freak by talking about all the people I've been staring at, I'll move right along to anime.


Well if this show isn't blatant fanservice I don't know what is... I'm not complaining though hehehe. We get to see the OP for the first time in this episode and let me tell you, it leaves nothing to the imagination (ok well maybe I'm being a little dramatic). The music isn't bad but nothing overly special (I think it was actually played at the end of the first episode).

Ok so in this episode Matsuri (the blond guy) gets Sunao and Sora to be part of this do-it-all club where they take requests for work etc. around the school. The first request they accept is some modeling work where they have to get dressed up in costumes. They later find out that this was in fact Matsuri's request and by this time it's too late. The costumes they have to wear are quite unique, especially Sunao's (a pretty dress... he looks adorable in it though... even Sora blushes when he sees it). Anyway, Matsuri has other plans for the pair and offers their services (work etc... no not dirty stuff)to anyone who can find them in the next three hours. So off Sora and Sunao run to hide somewhere together. Ok so this goes on for a while, eventually the get separated and Sora ends up transforming into Yoru. Sunao finds him but is attacked and realizes it's Yoru and not Sora (looks like Sunao knows they transform... Sora seems to be repressing these memories). Sunao changes into Ran after Yoru attempts to do some *caugh* dirty *caugh* things to him. Ran of course is extremely upset with Yoru saying that he was a lier when he told Ran that he loved him... this is all very amusing (Ran gets all teary). Anyhoo, Yoru tells him that it was just because Ran had tried to seduce Sora... to which Ran replied that he had only done it to make Yoru appear. Looks like in the past when Sora had all of his memories, Yoru and Ran could be together whenever they wanted.... Well it's getting pretty interesting. There's something going on between two of the teachers at that school and there is something strange about one teacher in particular. I think he may have something to do with Sora and Sunao transfroming but we haven't seen much of him yet. Looking forward to the next episode.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

I gave in and ordered a ton of stuff from amazon a week ago. I figured since my grandmother gave me some money for Christmas I should buy myself a Christmas present with it and since I really didn't have many books to buy this semester I figured I might as well. The manga showed up in 3 days (I love amazon) and I read through all all it in no time at all hehehe. One book was actually in pretty bad condition but I was so impressed with how amazon handled it. All I had to do was follow a few easy steps on the internet for returns and send back the book (postage paid for). They sent me a new one right away no questions asked. Amazon is great!!

I have my big presentation in advanced forensic anthro this upcoming Tuesday... oh I am so procrastinating on this one. I've actually wrote up everything I want on each slide but haven't actually made the slides yet. I figure I'll do that tomorrow after I go to the library and scan all the pictures I want to use. I just wish I had the discipline to do things ahead of time...


I started watching a new anime today called... well many things (hence the title). It's based on a manga and boy's love game. It'll actually be the first "boy's love" anime I've ever watched (well unless you consider Kyou Kara Maou one... I don't really though). I've actually read the manga and didn't really enjoy it, most likely because I found it hard to understand and didn't really like the artwork. If anyone wants to read it though go check out Aku-Tenshi, they've scanlated it and it can be downloaded directly from their site. I really enjoyed the first anime episode though so I'm definitely going to continue watching.

The show is about a guy named Sora who is recovering from a recent accident (fell out of a 4th story window). As a result he has lost many of his memories, more specifically, those relating to the accident and he does not seem to remember his childhood friends. The episode starts off with a very yaoi-ish scene between Sora and Sunao (see pics below). Sunao basically attacks a sleeping Sora... however when Sora wakes up and pushes him away, he introduces himself as Ran (Sora's new roomate) and asks for Yoru to come out. The next morning Sunao is back to normal and remembers nothing of the previous night. The rest of the episode is bascially random school type stuff. Sora gets in trouble and has to stay after class, after he's released in runs into some other teacher, who appears to scare him because he runs away from him. As he's running he starts to get dizzy and changes into Yoru (I'm assuming). Sunao (Ran) calls out to him and he faints. Later he wakes up in the school nurse's office. Sunao apparently brought him there when he passed out. That's basically the end of the episode. It looks like Sunao and Sora have alternate personalities and that their relationship goes way back to childhood (while Sora is passed out he dreams of them running away from something together and Sunao cries out for him to not leave him).

Seems pretty interesting so far... check it out if you don't mind a little boy on boy action hehehe...


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Question: Can diamonds be cut the in shape of a star? Does anyone know for sure? If not then why?...

Lisa, Christina, Janine and I had our annual Christmas movie night last Friday though since it was past Christmas we decided to just pick whatever movies we wanted to see. We ended up watching Love Actually and Wimbledon, which both happend to be English movies so I guess our movie night had an unexpected English theme... though Love Actually did take place at Christmas time so we did manage to get in that theme. Both movies were quite good, Love Actually was really cute. There was this little boy in the movie who was just adorable. The movie was basically about a bunch of different people, their love stories and the connections between them. The little boy's storyline revolved around his "love" for a girl in his class who was moving away to America and he had to confess to her before she left. In the end most storylines were resolved well though some did not turn out too nicely. Overall it was a very good movie so if you ever get a chance, check it out.

I think we have finally chosen the granite for our kitchen (maybe). It's been an absolute nightmare running around looking at all these friggin slabs. My parents are absolutely useless. They can't make a single decision without checking with me first. It's really getting quite annoying, I mean it's not like it's my kitchen. I'm not the one paying for it, pick what you like! Anyway, hopefully the decision has been made and renovations will start soon... I just want it over with.

So I've been debating between dropping a physics course downtown or a forensics one here. Both courses are really interesting and I'd love to take both but I honestly don't have the money or the time to put into an extra course... especially when I don't need too. I think I'm probably going to stick with the physics just in case I want to go to teachers college... plus there's a ton of reading and a 15-20 page essay in the forensics course. I've talked to my professors and they've told me that it's alright to take the both of them (I was worried that they might have been exclusions). I'm probably not going too drop anything yet though. I think I'm just going to think over it for a few days and then make my final decision.

Oh I almost forgot, I put a link up to my new Amazon Japan wish list. So now you all can buy me something from Japan and spend large of money on me hahaha. Oh come on you know I'm worth it!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I went to my forensics class today and it was ok. The prof seems really nice and the course overall seems pretty descent but I'm just not sure. I really am tired of taking forensics courses and I don't even think I want to be in forensics anymore. The physics course is going to be easy and interesting... a problem that suddenly came to my attention however is the tutorials. I signed up for Monday nights but for some reason it says I'm in Wednesday night on Rosi and I can't switch over. I don't really have a problem with Wednesdays but I'd miss Gilmore Girls... so no Wednesday night milkshakes *tear*. I figure I'll make a decision after tomorrow night. I have to see if I'll be able to catch the bus downtown from my physics class here on time.

I made chicken quesadillas tonight with Rachel. It was the first time either one of us attempted to make them but they ended up turning out great!! Ah they were so good, just like the ones you get in the restaurants. Plus they were quick and easy to make... cut some tomatoes, green onions and cheese... grill some chicken... throw a tortilla shell in a frying pan... add the above ingrediants onto one side of the shell... fold the other side over... cook until lightly browned on each side. I'm most definitely going to make those again.

I watched Gakuen Alice episode four today and I must say... damn that show is good!! I think it's moved up into my number one favourite show of the season spot (sorry school rumble you'll just have to take second). In this episode we learn about Natsume's best friend Ruka who has an animal pheromone alice which allows him to interact with animals. He pretends to be in a bad mood all the time because his best friend won't smile but in reality he's a cute animal loving boy that only shows his true self when no one is around... look how cute he is aaaaaahhhh he's for sure my favourite character in the anime so far, Narumi-sensei probably comes second (his alice is great hehehe).


OMG the scene where he plays with the giant mutated chick is just too cute for words. I just want to hug him!! I must have watched it ten times already hehehe...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I started my last semester of classes today after an extremely short Christmas break. I only had one class today... well technically I had two but I only went to one since I didn't know the other one was actually running... I apparently didn't miss much so I don't really care. The class I did go to was "The Magic of Physics" which is held on the St. George campus. Really I shouldn't be taking the course because it's not for science students but I don't care hehehe. The prof is this really funny cute nerdy physics guy... yes my ideal guy... well except he's much too old for me. Anyway, I really like the course by I only need to take four this semester so I'm gonna check out my forensics class tomorrow night and make a decision between the two. The only disadvantage to the physics course is that it is downtown and Monday nights my class finishes at 7:00pm but the next shuttle bus doesn't come until 8:30pm so I'd have to find something to do in that time... eh well I'll think about that when the time comes.

Over the break I visited Vaughan Mills quite a few times... yes I know it's not great but it's close. Anyway, I walked into HMV one day to see if they had the My Little Pony DVD and as I was walking out I saw my first crush ever working there... OMG my heart started beating really fast and I just had to get out of there. He is just as hot as he ever was and looked really good in the uniform. I haven't seen him in years so it really surprised me how he could have such a big effect on me... guess you never really forget your first crush...

Anime time...

I finished Weiss Kreuz over the break and I must say that I was rather pleased with the ending. Overall it wasn't a spectacular anime and the animation was rather poor at times but I really enjoyed it... probably because of the cute guys hehehe... I watched the OVA today and boy what a difference! The animation was much much better and the action scenes were great (blood splatter, killing etc. etc.). The boys of course were looking great too. Youji and Aya are probably my favourite characters because of their personalities... in the looks department they're all great (well, Omi less so) but Ken is likely my favourite... brown hair and blue eyes.... yup yup that's they way I like them... brown eyes arn't bad either... and green hehehe. Anyhoo, here's some pictures.