Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Like my new word? Yes I just invented it today... was trying to say spec-friggin-tacular but for some reason my brain ceased to function momentarily. Anyway, I'm trying to write more often so my posts won't be all that long >> Let's see how long this will last hehehe...

Today was a very labfull day. This morning we had a DNA extraction lab, or as Parra calls it, DNA estractor... awe I just love him. He's probably one of my most favourite profs. His accent is just great. We isolated DNA from blood, saliva, hair, and semen samples. I got the distinct pleasure of cutting out the semen sample from this nasty used up old pair of boxer briefs with dried blood and cum all other it... just lovely. Ah but the lab was pretty fun overall. In the afternoon we had to make a thin section slide of a piece of bone and look at the osteons to see whether or not it was human. Course, since our school is so cheap, instead of using a sander to get the bone thin we got to do it by hand!! Oh what a glorious time that was... I think my arm is still in traction. But hey, I'll take a lab over an extra hour of lecture any day.

Our water heater broke today... surprise, surprise... flashback to second year. Just before Lara and I left for lab this morning the heater started making this weird noises and when we went to look at it, it was pouring out water. So we called Henry and got a voice mail, then called the emergency rez number and oh got a voice mail again... kinda defeats the purpose of having an emergency number but hey, can't expect too much from rez. The hot water had to be turned off all day but thankfully the plumber came and installed a new one tonight. I was getting scared that I might have to got to the athletic center tomorrow morning to show. Glad everything turned out ok.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Hehehe ya well back to my big time blog slacking routine. I should probably look at my previous post to see what the last thing I wrote about was but honestly I'm too lazy. I guess I'll start at the Forensics start of year party (which was I think 2 Fridays ago). Anyway, it was at Professor Cummins's house (like it always is). It was pretty fun. We had a bbq and basically just played some games in his basement... krokinole... we had a tournament but Lara and Lisa just kicked our arses. Ok on to the next topic... My blog entries are getting way too long... I don't even wanna read them...

Last week was clubs week here. I rejoined the forensic club and sslur. Also joined the Jewish club (Rachel wanted me too). Apparently most of the people in the club arn't Jewish anyway. I've also volunteered to lead the murder mystery committee again this year... yes arn't I nice... ok ok so maybe I has a couple incentives hehehe.

Last Thursday was Christie's birthday so we went out to this bar/restaurant to celebrate. It was also Lisa's birthday on Thursday and is Janine's today... so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to all you girls. Friday night a bunch of us went to go see "The Forgotten", which looked really good in the commercials. Ah but commercials can be very deceiving... it good way to describe it other than don't waste your money. It turned out to be very strange. There were several parts that just made you jump. Not because it was scary, more because unexpected things suddenly happen. Apparently there was supposed to be some kind of "twist ending"... so if anyway knows what that was just let me know.

Saturday night I went out with my friends from home for Lisa and Janine's birthday. We were supposed to go to a bar on College street, called something I can't remember but it turned out to be rented out for some kind of wedding thing. We wound up walking along College looking for another place and found the Italian festival... didn't go to the though, just walked through. We ending up going to Lava Lounge which was kinda empty when we first arrived but really picked up later on. It was quite nice in there. We had a bunch of drinks and some kind of chocolate dessert. I didn't get a Broken Down Golf Cart (my signature drink). Got a Blue Lagoon instead and damn it was good! Probably one of the best I've tasted... anyhoo, this weirdo guy kept comming over to our table and saying weird things. He must have been drunk or something cuz he wouldn't leave us alone. Even after Andrew came to sit with us and told him to get lost he still wouldn't leave! Eventually he gave up cuz we wern't paying attention to him but boy what a loser.

I guess I should probaby talk about bugs in this entry since that's what my title is about hehehe. Ya so we've been collecting bugs every free minute we get since this beggining of the semester. These damn things have caused me way too much trouble and I've only got the common ones. I really hurt my knee trying to escape an extreamely pissed off bumble bee... not vengefull my ass!! And I had to friggin wade though the polluted Credit River too... I stank all day! But anyway, if anyone has or knows where I can get some Stoneflies, Mayflies, Springtails, Caddisflies, Silverfish, and Lacewings/Antlions just let me know... you will be compensated with my undying appreciation.

Ok that's all. If you've actaully read through this... or any of my recent blog entries, congrats... you are officially a memeber of the "I like Marla soo much that I will actually waste my valuable time reading her long boring blog entires fan club" hehehe...

Monday, September 13, 2004

I moved back into rez last Tuesday and once again I was greeted by a horribly dirty house. This one is probably at the top of my dirty houses list. There are holes in all the walls, stains on the carpet, the kitchen was a biohazard, the washroom had to be bleached from floor to ceiling... it was just bad. It's still questionable and I spent 3 days cleaning. On a better note, the refridgerator is basically brand new and my bed is really soft this year (not like the slab of concrete I was sleeping on last year). Erin connect is just as shitty as last year (in speed that is) but it hasn't crashed yet so that's always a bonus. The day we moved in there was this really great carnival going on for the frosh but people came around and said that everyone could go. There were games with prizes, free cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones, rides, huge inflatable races, as various shows. They were also giving away free stuff to the frosh so we pretended to be first years and got a bunch of stuff... ah good times... we never got that kinda stuff when we were frosh...

Saturday a bunch of us went to Stratford to see Macbeth. We decided to have a pot luck picnic by the lake there so Lisa and I made some sandwiches. The day was super fun and the food was really great >> the weather was really nice too. Macbeth on the other hand was questionable. The best part of the day had to be the fight the guys got into with three fourteen year olds... it was friggin hilarious.... After our picnic we walked back to the cars to drop off our stuff before heading to the play. On the way to the cars these 3 teenagers were generally acting like jackasses and asking people if they wanted these nasty peanuts they had in their hands. Obviously we just ignored them but as they past by us one of the guys threw one at Lisa. She of course didn't do anything but when Andrew heard what happened he wanted to go kick the kids ass. Unfortunatly they were gone by then so we just let it go. However, on the way over to the theather we walked by them again and this time Christina and Alex were walking in the front of our group. When Christina saw the guys she turned to Alex and told him that they were the peanut guys. The kids must have heard so they said something to the effect of, oh like we care what you think you preppy bitch and then they spit in front of her! Well when the guys saw this they ran after the kids. Adriano and Andrew went up to them and where like "you have something to say to us?!" obviously they said no. Pawel was really pissed though and he grabbed on the the kids and shoved him. Then he said, "If you fuck with us again I will DROWN you!" (the lake was right beside them). OMG I never knew Pawel had it in him (I was really impressed), and he was the least intimidating looking of the guys. Anyway, the kids were really scared the Pawel said, "run along now"... it was so friggin funny. Those guys were asking for it though, they were doing all kinds of stupid immiture stuff to all the people walking along the river and generally being assholes. Hopefully they'll think again before the decide to piss off a bunch of 22 year old guys... Oh and just in case anyone cares I posted the picture Christina sent of all us girls in my yahoo pictures (Other Stuff folder)... too bad the other pictures didn't come out well.

Monday, September 06, 2004

The forensics feild school ended last Friday and boy those were the most tiring two weeks of my life. Our group probably searched more then all the other groups put together, plus we were out in the open sun as opposed to the forest like the other groups. We started excavation of our grave on the last day of class and some how managed to finish it... of course we found nothing in the grave except for a garbage bag, but that was to be expected since our pig was most definitely scavenged. The last day was super hot and we had to be in Tyvec suits (winter weight) and masks... I honestly think they were trying to kill us. I couldn't friggin breath!! I don't think I've ever sweated that much in my life.. it was really disgusting. After class was over I went over to Christie's house and had a much needed shower before going out to dinner. Christie, Nicki, Steph, Tricia and I all went out for dinner at East Side Mario's... it was pretty decent. We had a really great waitress though... prolly one of the best I've ever had. After dinner Steph, Christie and I went to see a movie. We argued for like a half and hour about what to see and in the end just asked the ticket girl which movie we should watch... it was no ones first choice, "Paparazzi". It was an ok movie, not great just ok. There were a lot of cameos in it so it was pretty funny. Don't think I'd watch it again though...

Saturday my dad gave me three free tickets to the Canada Russia hockey game. Rachel and Christie came with me and it was actually pretty good. I'm not really a sports fan but there were a ton of people there all dress in read with Canada flags and kool hats, flashing lights and a bunch of other neat stuff. Our tickets were in the purple section at the ACC so we were pretty far up but you could see everything and our section was really fun. There were a lot of really loud guys that were always yelling at the players or starting cheers/the wave, so it was fun. Canada won of course (yay Canada!!) 3 to 1. After the game we went out to dinner at some place called the elephant something on the corner of King and Simcoe. It was kinda along the lines of a Kelsey's. I just got some chicken fingers and water... my stomach was kinda upset for some reason... maybe from the nachos we had at the game.

I just finished packing most of my stuff since I move out tomorrow morning. Check in is between 9 and 2, so I'll prolly leave here around 10 I guess. All the big stuff isn't gonna come with me right away. My dad will prolly bring the computer later tomorrow night so I may not have internet for a day or so, but I figure I'll be busy cleaning since our house never seems to be clean when we move in... Palermo curse again... all I ask for is a clean room. Anyway, I think that's it for now... I guess i'll wait to tomorrow morning to disconnect my computer... gotta get my last night of unlimited bandwidth in...