Thursday, July 22, 2004

Well, it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time at the coroner's office this year. Jennifer called me the other day to let me know that I got the placement, yay!! I still don't know what my project will be but they all sound pretty interesting so any of them would be fine.

I finally saw spiderman 2 yesterday. I thought it was pretty long but I really enjoyed it... of course that might have something to do with the fact that I love Tobey Maguire (ah sooo cute). There were a few parts that were a little cheesy but I still loved it and I was very pleased with the ending. The next movie should be pretty interesting... looks like the green goblin will be making an appearance again...

I think that's about all the news I have to report for now... oh ya I finally got my royal bank visa activated. I already ordered a few books off I figured I'd give it a try and see if it's as good as amazon. Hopefully I'll get the books soon...

Monday, July 19, 2004
Yay, just finished the report I had to write for tomorrow. We are supposed to discuss the rulings of 2 court cases and different theories of how "hard cases" should be dealt with. It took me forever just to understand what was going on in the cases. I had to read each page like 10 times, it was horrible. I'm pretty sure I don't wanna be a Lawyer now, not that I ever really did, but it was in the back of my mind >> might still take the LSAT though (just for the fun of it).
Friday night I went downtown with Janine and Lisa (well... if you consider Young and Eglinton downtown). Anyway, Lisa had been to this Sharky's place a while back and said it was pretty busy with a young crowd, so we decided to check it out. Man it took us forever to find this place. The sign was so friggin small, we drove by it a few times and only found it because we decided to walk around and look for it. Well, when we got there they told us we had to wait for a table if we wanted to sit outside so we just waited by the bar for a bit... hmm kinda scary... after waiting about 15 mins. we got a table outside but when we looked at the dessert menu there was litterally nothing. Our waiter was super nice so we didn't wanna run out on him but eventually we gave in and left while he was off in the kitchen. I felt so bad, but what was the point in staying if we wern't gonna order anything. We wound up going to demetre's instead (it was just a block away). We shared two waffles with icecream and brownies... ah it was so good...
Saturday afternoon I went to the circus with Stacey. It was sooo kool. I had completely forgotten how fun it was. I think I was around 6 the last time I went. Anyway, before you walked into the main tent there was a smaller tent where they were selling inflatable animals on a stick, all sorts of things with flashing lights, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, candy apples etc. Stacey and I got cherry snow cones since it was hot. I wanted more stuff but Stacey woundn't let me spoil my dinner. The circus part was really kool. There were acrobats, performing horses, elephants, dogs, an ape of some sort (I should know this), clowns and a bunch of other performers. The whole thing lasted around 2 and a half hour >> there was a pretty long intermission. After the circus we went and picked up Derek then went to Casey's for dinner. I got a yummy burger and a chocolate peanut butter sundae for dessert. After that we went back to Derek's house to watch a movie. I was so tired though that I couldn't focus on what was going on. I have no clue what the movie was about >> though I do think that is also somewhat the fault of the movie >> it wasn't very good at all. There was one line I liked though >> "God is just an adult's immaginary friend" >> hehehe wonder why I'd like that line...
Hmm this is getting kinda long but I have one more thing to talk about. I went to the coroner's office today after work and talked to one of the doctors there. It seems that there may be three of us doing a placement there and some of us may get to work together, which doesn't bother me in the least. There are three projects though: one about diatoms (as suggested by Dr. Pollanen >> obviously not opting for that one), a continuation of the project from 2 years ago on unclaimed bodies, and a project on the sudden death of people in custody by asphyxiation possibly due to restraint. The doctor seemed to be really interested in that one. I think that we be pretty interesting too, though I wouldn't mind the unclaimed bodies one either. It seems pretty layed back there, so there wouldn't be a lot of pressure. Plus you get to go see the autopsies and coroner's inquests so it sounds like a fun position. I actually kinda hope I get this one. Guess I'll just have to wait and see, I should know by the end of the week though. 

Thursday, July 15, 2004
I just got an email tonight from UTM residence and yay I got back in for next year. Of course so did Rachel, Christie and Lara so it should be another fun filled year. We won't know if we're living together and where we'll be living until August though. I'm sure we'll all be together... not so sure about where we're gonna be living... both Rachel and I have been having nightmares abotu rez rext year so I'm feeling a little uneasy... especially due to my psychic abilities, hehehe... oh you guys know it's true.
Well, I thought I wouldn't be getting a placement for next year but low and behold I got a call from the Coroners office to go for an interview on Monday. Obviously I'm gonna go but I was kinda getting used to the idea of not having to do a presentation in front of a ton of important people. Plus I didn't even enrol in the course so now I have a surplus of courses. Of course I don't know whether I'll get this placement so there's no need to start worrying yet. Though it would be nice if this was an interesting project. Plus I'm sure that I'll get to see a bunch of autopsies if I get this placement...
Finally ANT336 (molecular anthropology) has been added to the schedule for next year. I added it to my schedule but I may have to drop it if I get the placement. *tear* I've been dying to take that course, plus the prof is really great. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. 

Saturday, July 10, 2004

One week down and three more to go... My first week of work with Genesis has been pretty good. The students seem to be working well and we haven't had any real problems yet. There were a few students that clearly did not want to be there so they left the program but other than that things are going well. Monday I'm going in late because my enrolement time fro classes next year is 7:45am (which is the time I leave for work). I still have no clue what classes I want to take second semester. Maybe I'll take a few more biology courses... I'll probably be freaking out tomorrow night trying to figure out a schedule (that's what happened last year), jeez I'm such a procrastinator.

Tonight the amazing race started again. I know Christie told me when it would be starting a long time ago but I completely forgot and just happened to notice it was on tonight. I really love this show. I wish I could be on it but alas, you must be an american citizen... sooo not fair. It's such a great opportunity to see the world. I wouldn't even care about winning the money. I just wanna travel... for free hehehe.

Since I don't have anything really interesting to report about my life I figure I'll bore you all with a little more anime talk, teehehe...

Hmm what should I start with... Well, I've watched a few new shows over the past few days so I'll start with them...

GIRLS Bravo!

I really like this show so far. Basically it's about this guy, Yukinari, who as a child was picked on by girls for being short and has, as a result, developed an allergy to them. So everytime a girls touches him he breaks out in hives. One day however, he is sucked into another world (through water), where he meets a girl named Miharu. She of course, can touch him safely hehehe. The thing that's so interesting about this world, however, is that the male population is less then 10%. So Yukinari becomes an instant love interest for pretty much everyone... including small children. The show is pretty funny so far and reminds me quite a bit of Kyou Kara Maou! Except the world the main character gets sucked into isn't filled with hot guys... such a shame...

HaniHani Operation Sanctuary

I would tell you what this show was about if I had any clue. Basically this girl falls out of the sky... and that's about it. The episodes are only 12 minutes long, so I can understand that not a lot can really happen in that amount of time but I still would've liked to see a little more. I probably won't be continuing this one.

Wind - A Breath of Heart OVA

Um well, for about the first half of the first OVA I was pretty bored to tell you the truth. Of course I do get bored quite easily... but anyway the show saved itself toward the end. Basically this guy Mokoto and his sister Hinata move back to the town they had lived in as children and reunite with old friends. Towards the end of the first OVA we learn that before leaving Mokoto made a promise with this girl Minamo that if she became hot when she grew up, he marry her... jeez what a guy. Clearly she became hot... like you couldn't see that coming. We have to wait for the next OVA to see their reunion... should be interesting.

Soukyuu no Fafner 2

I watched the second episode of this and I must say I'm a little more interested. But only a little. Won't go into details because, well I just don't feel like it hahaha and I'm sure none of you care but I think I'll continue it for now.

Cardcaptor Sakura

I'm not really gonna talk about this show, I just wanted to post some pictures of my favourite Sakura outfit so far. The outfit she's wearing is from episode 5. No it's not a special battle costume but I like this one the most. It's a cute blue dress with a daisy on the front. She's also wearing matching blue daisy shoes and daisy hair ties. Kyaaaaa, I love this outfit... course that might just be because daisy's are my favourite flowers... Anyway, in this episode Sakura catches the jump card... I swear I've seen this episode in English. Jump is also really cute, it's this reddish pink little critter that, you guessed it, jumps around a lot hehehe. I'm only up to episode 6 so far but I've got up to 22 now, yay... got a lot of catching up to do though...

Oh ya before I forget... again, I added a few more pictures into my yahoo pictures. One more from the masquarade (I think everyone looks really nice in this pic), the two Halloween pictures I posted last year plus a few more (including one with our house decorations), and some pictures of my room on rez this year (for those of you that never got to see it). K well that's it for now.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Well, I started work again on Monday and it wasn't the disaster I thought it would be. No the books I ordered did not come in, and no we still haven't gotten them but they should *crosses fingers* be there when I go in tomorrow morning. For now we just have the students working from photocopies or other books so things are ok. The teacher I work with is really nice and we manged to get things organized on the first day *exhale* I'm very much relieved.

I started summer school on Tuesday night. I have classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9pm. I really hate 3 hour classes but what can ya do. The course seems ok so far. Our text book is huge >> it's like a friggin door stop. We have basically 3 assignmnets to do: a 20% 4 page essay, a 40% essay and another 40% in class essay. We don't have a final exam but I'm not too fond of writing essays. Oh well, the same teacher is teaching it during the year so the course layout will likely be the same regardless of when I take it...

Hmm... can't think of much else to say now. I did start watching a few new animes. 1) Cardcaptor Sakura >> finished the manga so now I'm checking out the anime. It's so cute. Every episode Sakura gets a new outfit to wear and some are just the cutest things ever! I want some... I would sooo wear them. 2) Kaleido Star >> this show is really great. I became instantly addicted to it. The show basically follows the life of the main character, Sora, who has always dreamed of preforming on the Kaleido Stage (kinda an acrobatics show). 3) Soukyuu no Fafner >> this is another giant robot show where there is only one person who can pilot the robot to save the world... hmm well already saw that but I'm willing to give this a chance... I finally got some more Weiss Kreuz episodes... ah good looking guys >> actually they're much better looking in the manga... Also watched the first episode of FLCL.. wow this show is weird, don't know what else to say about it. Since it's really short I'll probably try to watch the whole thing though... Anyway, that's it, time for bed.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Well, my parents went away for the weekend on a cruise and the house was left all to me. They left early Thursday morning and got back sometime today. Anyway, Thursday I just layed around the house enjoying the quiet. I also did something that needed to be done a long time ago >> wash all the dishes and cutlery. Ya I know you all think I'm crazy but for those of you that have taken a good look at them you know that it was called for... Plus I'm kinda crazy when it comes to clean forks... Moving onto another topic, Friday night I went out with Christina and Lisa. We had dinner at Massimo's as a kinda farwell to Christina before she hit the road for Florida. After dinner we went back to her house for some yummy, though slighly deformed, chocolate truffle cake. We wound up spending most of the night playing nintendo game cube though (mario cart and mario party 5 I think)... Saturday morning, Christina, Lisa, Janine and I went to Golden Griddle for breakfast (our second farwell get together since Janine couldn't make it Friday night). We got the buffet which was great for only $10.99. We had some interesting discussions and by the end of breakfast came to the conclussion that Mussolini was an idiot >> well at least Janine came to that conclusion >> she's gonna casually bring it up in conversation one day with Adriano... hehehe that should be intersting. I spent the rest of the day walking around malls (just trying to waste some time), it wasn't very eventful though there was some kind of fashion show going on at the Promenade. Today I went to a barbeque at Christie's house in honour of Rachel, Linda and Cheryl's birthday. It was a lot of fun (especially since a certain unforseen, but entirely welcome circumstance arose... or should a say showed up...kyaa *blush* >> if you wanna know just ask). We sat around and talked, ate some food, had chocolate cake yumm and played some trivial pursuit. It was a seriously old school edition but it was still a lot of fun. The day went by so fast though and now I'm starting to get worried. I start work again tomorrow and I haven't talked to the teacher I'm working with. I mean jeez you'd think she'd want to at least touch base with me seeing as how I have the only set of keys for the building. I'm so scared the the books I ordered won't be there and the students won't have anything to do. I feel like everything was dumped on me. No one told me what I was expected to do and now I'm really worried that tomorrow is gonna be a disaster. I'm just praying that the math books arrived otherwise there's gonna be lots of problems. Anyway enough of my complaining, time to go to sleep. I have to be there at least by quarter to eight otherwise the "actual" teacher might not be able to get in (this is assuming of course that she shows up), jeez...