Monday, June 28, 2004

Last Thursday the credit card I applied for arrived. The card had a sticker on it saying that I had to call a number to activate it but when I called the people at visa said that my birthdate and address was wrong in their computers so they couldn't activate it and I'd have to call another number. When I called the second number they told me that my address was correct but my birthday was wrong so I'd have to go to the bank to change that. So the next day that's what I did. Unfortunitely when I got to the bank they told me that the card wasn't even under my name but my mother's. Don't ask me how that happened, because her name wasn't mentioned anywhere on the application. Jeez, anyway the card couldn't be fixed so they had to cut it up and I had to re-apply. They put a rush on it so I'm apparently gonna get it in a week but who really knows.

Saturday I drove all around the city of Toronto trying to find something to wear for a wedding shower I had to go to on Sunday. I finally found something a Bayview Village but it cost me almost $200. It's a cut outfit... a pink sleeveless sweater and a black and pink flower patterned layered skirt. It was so weird though, I managed to get to all my destinations without missing a cut off and there was even tons of traffic and construction. I had to drive the 401 and I've never really done that before, unless you could the time I got lost and ended up on it accidentally. I did however get lost on the way home from Sherway Gardens (my final destination for the day), but I think it was fate because I ended up driving on Kipling and I ended up driving past a Salvation Army that had a sale on. Obviously I stopped to take a look and I found a choose your own adventure book. It only cost 49 cents and I got 10% off. I was so happy...

And then it was Sunday morning... I woke up to the sound of my my yelling that there was a problem. The first thing I though was Mike finally did it, he finally go himself shot... Jeez I wonder why I would think that... anyway the next thing I though was, omg Alley got hit by a car (now that made me jump out of bed). Just as I was getting up my dad came into the room and said that Alley got sprayed by a skunk. I could smell it the second he opened my bedroom door. It was so bad. I've never smelt anything like it in my life. At first I thought I was gonna throw up but then I got used to it. Since I had a shower to go to I couldn't help my parents attempt to clean her. Unfortunitely they couldn't get the job done so I had to take over... I had to miss the shower... that's all I have to say. Everything smelled horrible, the house still stinks and I'm sure I don't smell like a rose. This morning we brought her to the groomers and the second we walked in they coudl smell it. We couldn't smell anything anymore, I guess we just got used to it. She should be back by tonight, I hope things go well and she gets nice and clean.

I watched the last episode of Midori no Hibi today. I think the ending was nice but a little unfullfilling. I was definitely a happy ending but not very romantic. I would have liked Seiji to tell Midori that he loved her or at least kissed her. Oh well, maybe the manga will end a bit better. Overall though it was a very enjoyable show.

Tonight is election night, I just got back from voting. It should be a close race. I have to clue who's gonna win. People have been predicting a Conservative minority but I don't know. I don't think they made a very good impression in the debate. But the leader of that party is young and fresh looking so who knows. I think he kinda looks like JFK...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

This past weekend Stacey came over for a visit. She stayed over Friday and Saturday night. Friday night we just stayed in and rented a movie. I can't remember the name of what we watched but it had Drew Barrymore in it and it wasn't very good. Saturday we went shopping during the day and I showed Stacey all of Woodbridge (not much to see). We had dinner at Kelsey's and then went to Dave and Busters for a while. Stacey wanted to get Derek this little dragon but you needed to have 200 tickets. She only had 175 and had enough credits to play one more game once. The chance of winning 25 tickets in one shot was so unbelievable low but we managed to find this pyschic girl who kept winning at this colour guessing game so we bet on the same colour she did and won 150 tickets! It was friggin amazing, I nearly dropped dead of shock (that girl was even more psychic then me, hehehe). After that we got some ice cream. We were going to get it at La Paloma but it was kinda expensive so we wound up getting Baskin Robins. Overall it was a fun weekend, but it was over way to fast.

Tonight I finally went to see the Prisoner of Azkaban. I thought it was really good but there were a few things I didn't like. I would have liked to see more of Hogsmead. We hardly got to see it at all in the movie. I also didn't like that the Mauraders map wasn't explained at all (which is kinda important to the entire story). Oh and another thing, there was basically no quiditch in the movie and no Oliver Wood *tear*. I did, however, really like Ron in this movie, he was quite funny. I loved the part when he woke up from a nightmare about spiders making him tap dance... *yawn*... falling a sleep... tomorrows my last day of work before summer school starts on July 5th. I hope things go well. I think I've gotten everything organized though it would hae been nice if someone would've given me a list of the things that had to be done to prepare for summer school. I think I'm gonna make up a list and leave it for whoever is there next year... maybe it'll even be me...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well, another week has past since my last post *hangs head in shame*. I'm not even gonna bother promissing to update more often cuz it'll probably end up being a lie. Anyway, I started work last Thursday and it's great!! I know this sounds bad but I really kinda like my class this year better than last years. It's a completely different environment. The building is really nice, the classroom's a bit smaller but better stocked and the students are really friendly (at least those I've met so far). The teachers I work with are really nice too. Yesterday was graduation for some of the students. Students from the North and South program were there and I got to see some of my students from last year (they even remembered me *tear*). After the graduation we got a bunch of free food and cake, ah what a nice day.

I finished watching Chrno Crusade last week. What can I say, it was a great series but the final episode was really depressing (I'm partial to happy endings. It seems like all the anime I watch ends up making me cry, I'm such a baby). I definitely recommed watching it. I'm reading the manga now though I'm not sure if I'll continue with it (I gotta save my money to pay for university >> I'm sooo poor).

I can finally take screen captures!! YAY, I'm so happy. This guy named Matthew told me how to do it >> I've added a link to his anime blog in my "BLOGS" section so go check it out it's really fantastic. I haven't taken any pictures yet but look forward to them.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I've been slacking off again. I always seem to get behind in the thing, oh well... This past Saturday was our first foreign movie night. Janine, Christina, Lisa and I watched Amelie and a Bollywood movie (can't remember the name). It was a night filled with subtitles (though that's not much different from every other day of my life.. ah anime..). Amelie really surprised me. I was really expecting to not like it but I loved it! It's a really great and interesting movie, so if you haven't seen it go watch it. The Bollywood movie was great too, unfortunitely we started watching it late and it was kinda long. But it was really fun, a little corny but good non the less, I'm definitely up for watching another one.

Sunday I went over to Christina's house and baked rubarb pie with her Lisa and Tanya. The pies turned out good *cough* obviously due to my superbe pie making abilities, hehehe ya right. Yesturday I got the last three volumes of Cardcaptor Sakura in the mail. I read them all plus all six volumes of Master of the Clow in one night. Damn they were soo friggin good I couldn't stop reading them. Wow they are definitely going to the top of my CLAMP favorites list.

Today was my late day. That's right I was late for everything. This morning I had to go to a meeting in Missisauga but I missing hte cutoff to the 410. I wound up getting off at Hurontario and driving all the way to Dundas in traffic. Obviously I was late for my meeting. After the meeting I had to meet my mom at Richco in Richmondhill and was once again late due to my poor directional skill. Then tonight I was late getting to the gym. Porr Janine and Lisa had to wait for me. Yes it was definitely the "late day"... Oh ya, I start work tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My room is a total disaster. There's stuff everywhere and I have nowhere to put any of it. My floor is filled with toys and I keep buying more and more books which isn't helping the problem. I wanted to dad to make be some bookshelves (I wanted them in certain dimensions) but he refuses to do it. I decided to check out ikea to see if any bookshelves they had would look nice with my furniture and surprisingly enough I found one that was pretty nice. It only costs $99.00 so I think we're gonna buy it. My dad wouldn't buy it tonight cuz he wanted to measure my room again (it's been measured like 10 times). My mom would've bought it on the spot. Anyway, hopefully I'll get it soon. At least then I'll be able to get some of my stuff off the floor.

Yesturday night I had *the greatest* dream ever! Kyaa, it was sooo good I'm still blushing << just thought I'd throw that in. I have the most additive personality ever. I can't friggin control myself. This damn manga is gonna be the end of me (and my bank account). Yesturday I got a shipment of manga from amazon (damn I love them), I got the first box set of cardcaptor sakura and chrno crusade volume 1 (they changed the name to chrono crusade cuz they thought americans would think it was a spelling error, geez). I watched a bit of cardcaptors when it was on teletoon and really liked it but never got to see the whole series. Just recently CLAMP put out a new series called Tsubasa Resevoir Chronacles which uses the same characters as cardcaptors but in an entirely different story. Anyway I kinda want to read it but I figured I should read cardcaptors first. I'm already finished the 3 volumes I ordered and I want more *wimper* *cry* I'd forgotten how good it was and shit it's good. I think it's a series little kids would mostly enjoy but I love it. I have to get the next 3 books. I'm not sure if I'll watch the anime, I think it's like 72 episodes, I try to stay away from stuff that long unless I can watch it on TV for free. But I haven't made up my mind yet. Maybe I'll rent it, I'm gonna be working right across from a store that rents anime for the next month and a half so who knows.

On a slightly related note I just realized that I have a Sakura tree in my front yard! I was kinda wondering what it was. It blooms every spring in these beautiful pink blossoms. Only recently, after watching a ton of anime, did I start to suspect that it was a Sakura. Yesturday I asked my mother what kinda tree it was and she said it was a Japanese Cherry Blossom. It's aways been one of my favorite trees in the front yard (my favorite died a few years ago *tear*).

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Last Saturday I went shopping with my mom at Square One. I really wanted to get this green skirt I saw a the Gap a week earlier but when I went to go buy it there was only sizes 8-14 left. I was so mad. I tried a few other Gap stores but all of them seem to have only large sizes left *tear* it was such a nice skirt. Anyway I really didn't end up buying anything except a pair of black sandals so the day wasn't a total waste.

Yesturday I worked out at the gym for a bit with Janine and Lisa then later that night I went to watch a soccer game with Christina and Iris. The Hot Gina's won, yay! I think the final score was 4-1 but I could be mistaken. It was so friggin cold outside last night. When I left the my house it was still pretty warm so I only brought a sweater but when I got to Maple it was freezing. Next time I'm gonna bring a jacket whether it's warm or not.

Today I went to Barrie with my mom to bring my grandmother to the doctor. Her appointment was in the morning so we had the whole day to go out. We went to a mini cansino just outside of Barrie for about an hour. I won 8 dollars. Well actually I won 25 but I kept playing and lost most of it. After the casino we got some lunch and shopped for a bit. I convinced my mom to buy some new frying pans (we really needed them). We didn't get home until around 5:30. I was so tired, it was the first time I got up early in a long time. It should be good for me though, hopefully my sleeping schedule will get back to normal before I have to start work. For the rest of the night I just sat around and watched TV. I was going to put my hair into 2 braids so I tried to split my hair at the back but for some reason it wouldn't split. I assumed it was a knot so I pulled my hair around from the back so I could look at it. Instead of a knot I found gum! It was so gross. I have no idea where it came from. I tried to pull it out of my hair but I couldn't get it out so I finally just decided to cut it. Thank goodness it was at the back of my head and at the end of my hair (plus it wasn't attached to a lot of my hair). You can even tell that it was cut. It still upsets me though...