Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Last Friday, Lisa, Christina, Janine, Janine's sister, and I went to see a ballet. It was the Four Seasons plus 2 other shows. It was really quite good. I didn't aprticularily like the costumes for the Four Seasons but other then that it was great. My favourite season was summer. Well for the dancing at least. The music for that season is not my favourite though. Before the show we were going to go out for dinner at Hot House. Which is about 5 minutes from the Hummingbird centre. Unfortunately we got downtown at about 6:30pm and the show was starting at 7:30pm. We thought we might be able to make it so we went to Hot House anyway. But by the time we ordered and got our drinks it was almost 7:00pm. By 7:15pm we still didn't have our food so we had to ask the manger to save the food for us until after the show. He was really nice and said he'd do it, so after the show we got to eat our dinner. Thank goodness they gave us bread before the show otherwise we'd have been starving. The dinner was really good, I got a pizza and for dessert we all shared a caramel and a chocolate cake. It was a nice night.

Lately I've been reading a lot of shoujo manga. I started reading some by this girl called Shinjo Mayu. She always writes these steamy stories with an innocent girl and an older (extreamely sexy) guy who is either a bad boy type or some kinda of saviour. Kyaa her stories are just sooo good *blush*. The first story I read of her's is called Akuma na Eros. The whole think hasn't been scanlated yet so I haven't finished reading it but basically it's about this girl who has a crush on a really popular guy at school. To get him to like her she casts a spell from this old book she found at a bookstore. She didn't honestly expect it to do anything but as soon as she cast the spell it summoned the devil (who is sooo increadibly sexy). At first he said he was gonna kill her and take her soul but then he found out she was a virgin so he changed his mind and told her that he would make her crush like her but as payment he was going to take her virginity. Anyway the story goes on to get really interesting and eventually she falls in love with the devil instead of the guy at school! Ahhh it's so good. I've been reading a bunch of Watase Yuu as well. Her work is more, hmm what's the word, wholesome. But it still has a lot of bishounens (beautiful boys), yay! I'm reading one that's called Ceres, Celestial Lengend. It's kinda a horror/romance. It's been pretty good so far but nowhere near as good as Zettai Kareshi.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Yesterday was my second cousin's wedding. She married a guy that she was basically set up with by her parents. Her mom and dad had met him in Paris and asked for his number for their daughter. I got to hear the whole story at the wedding. It all seemed really weird to me. The ceremony was pretty nice. It was later in the afternoon and wasn't too long. The reception started at 5:30pm but we didn't get there until 6:30pm. This wasn't a problem though since just about everyone else did the same thing. We didn't get to eat for a while. There was a ton of talking and the Reverand (who was invited to the wedding) had to say this long grace and then we had to listen to Amazing Grace, which was preformed by the live band before we got to eat. The meal was really good (oh I forgot to mention the hall was called La Gondola). We got an antipasto to start which had bocconcini, yay, I traded stuff on my to get everyone elses. After that we got soup! I was so surprised, this was the first time I had ever been to a wedding that had soup. It was stracciatella soup, it was so good. I haven't had that soup since I was little. My grandmother used to make it but stopped for some reason. Anyway, after that we got penne in a red sause and cannelloni in a cream sause with riccotta cheese. For the meat dish we got chicken and roast beef plus potatoes and veggis (there was also salade). The best part of the meal though had to be dessert. There were a ton of cakes, I got a chocolate mouse cake that was to die for. But ther very best thing was a milk chocolate fountain!! You could dip fruit or marshmellows in it. I had never seen this before, I didn't even know they existed but I'm definitely gonna have one at my wedding (assuming of course I get married). There was some dancing after dinner, mostly to old songs though. Over all it was a pretty great night.

Today Janine and I joined the vaughan gyms. We got a 10 pass and are gonna try to go twice a week. Today we worked out for 2 hours. I'm so tired now and am probably gonna be really sore tomorrow. We did pretty much all the machines so we worked on most of the muscle groups. I really wanna get my legs and ass in shape. I also wanna make my stomach all nice and flat. I'm gonna try my hardest not to be a pig this summer and get in shape.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Jeez I can't believe this is my 100th post, time sure does fly... Today Christina came over to my house just to hang out a bit. It was such a nice, and really hot, day. So we decided to go for a walk. We walked up to my old elementary school >> there's a park there so we played on the swings at bit. They were really squeeky, someone should go put some oil on them (I was kinda thinking about doing it). After that we, well actually Christina, found a path in the forest. I never even knew there was one, so we decided to follow the path and see where it lead. Oh my gosh it was so kool, the path lead down to this little river; there was a picnic table right in the middle of it. Clearly I couldn't resist climbing on it. It was just so nice down in the forest. There was even a tree house that someone had built >> we didn't go in it though. We decided that we should come back sometime and have a picnic.

Hmm, short post today, I really don't have anything else I wanna say. Though I did start reading Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. It's kinda a prequal to Fushigi Yuugi. The stories are completely different though. This one deals with the daughter of the man who wrote the Universe of the Four Gods. She becomes the Priestess of Genbu. I looks like it should be interesting. It's by Yuu Watase, the same person who writes Zettai Kareshi.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Ok so I'm thinking I was a little hasty with my decision about the new blogger. After a while it kinda grows on you, plus it has a lot of new features (of course if you don't actually have a blog with blogger you really won't be able to understand what I'm talking about). There's a bunch of new skins, which are quite nice, and you can now add comments to your blog without signing up for a separate comment box >> there's a ton of other stuff too but I don't feel like writing about it.

I went to work with my mom today. Alas, I actually had to wake up this morning. We stopped at Tim's for breakfast, croissant and chocolate milk. We spent the morning at Richco and the afternoon at my dad's company. Overall it wasn't a bad work day. When we got home I downloaded a bunch of anime (what else) and made taco's for dinner. Just to waste time after dinner, I decided to look for a shoujo manga to start reading (one that was not an anime), and I found this one called Zettai Koreshi (Absolute Boyfriend). Oh ya, for anyone that doesn't know shoujo manga is basically girl manga (make for girls). There's also shounen manga which is for boys. Of course anyone can read anything... back to the story. I absolutely love this manga. Damn it's so good, plus the main male character is really good looking. Basicallly it about this girl who really wants a boyfriend. She likes this guy so she confesses to him and he flat out rejects her. On her way home, feeling all depressed, she walks by a ringing cell phone that someone has obviously lost. So she picks it up and this guy (owner of the phone) asks her to meet him somewhere so he can pick up the phone. When she returns it he offers to give her something for finding it (he's kinda a streets salesman so he has a bunch of stuff). She refuses to take anything but the guy is persistant and tells her that he'll give her anything she wants. So just as a joke she says fine, what I really want is a boyfriend. So he's like "no problem", then he hands her a card with an internet address on it and tell her to check it out and that she'll be able to get any kind of boyfriend she wants. When she gets home she goes to the site and had to input a bunch of personality traits she wants in a boyfriend. She then signs up for a 3 day free trial boyfriend. The next day a huge box arrives at her doore with her order >> an actually boyfriend!! Except he's kinda like a robot (but you would never be able to tell). To activate him she has to kiss him. Once he comes to life he's the perfect boyfriend. The story continues from there, it's actually really funny and cute. I'm totally in love with it. Of course I tend to say this about all the new things I read/watch, but this is really great. I kinda hope it gets made into an anime.


Um what the hell happened to blogger. It's all new, bubbly and confusing. I don't think I like it at all. I kinda wish it was a bad April fools day joke but alas it's not April fools *tear*. I hope there's a way to change it back.

Today was mothers day and we all went up to Barrie to visit my grandmother. We went to the Holiday Inn for brunch around 1:30pm. It was actually quite good. There was a ton of breakfast and lunch food plus an omlette/waffle table and a bunch of desserts. I totally stuffed myself.

The survivor finale was on tonight. I went over to Janine's to watch it. I really think Rob should have won. I don't particularely like him but it did play the game well. I really think Lex was being a big baby. It's a friggin game, you're supposed to screw people over, plus it's not as if he didn't do the exact same thing to Ethan. Oh and what the heck was with Amber?!? She looked miserable at the reunion show. I mean jeez you'd think a person who just got a diamon ring and a million dollars would be a little more happy. I'm convinced she didn't want to marry Rob but couldn't say no. Or at least didn't want to be proposed to on air. Who knows... it probably won't last...

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Well, I finished school. I'm not sure how my last exam went. I was a little upset about the multiple choice but I'll just have to wait and see. I moved out of rez yesterday. Jeez, you never really know how much stuff you accumulate until you have to move. I have no room in my house for all my stuff. I think I'm going to go through it all tomorrow and throw out anything I don't need.

I set up my computer this morning and obviously started downloading anime, hehehe. Actually I mostly just transfered files from the house computer to my computer, but I did manage to download some anime. One of which included the first episode of the Sailor Moon Live Action show. It was kinda odd. It pretty much followed the anime but it just strange seeing actual humans playing the roles. I'm not sure if I live it at all. Luna is a stuffed animal!! They could have at least gotten a real cat to do the job. It did however make me laugh, if not for anything else then is strangeness (is that a word?). Oh, Marmalade Boy episode 8 just finished downloading so I'm off to watch it...

Monday, May 03, 2004

Tomorrow is my last exam, yay!! It's science and pseudo science. I'm not sure that I'll do well because I really haven't studied that much for it. This of course is due to my laziness and procrastination. But I'll just be glad when it's over and done with. I'm moving out on Wednesday night, so I'll have all day to pack up and clean. I can't wait for summer and warm weather. I really wanna go swimming and start getting in shape. I've pretty much just been a blob all winter long.

I forgot to mention before that I got a summer job. I'm going to be working at the summer school program I worked at last year but this time I get to start in June so I get 2 extra weeks of work. I'll still have to get another job though if I want to made enough money to pay for school and have some left over. Oh ya, I also got to pick whether I wanted to be at the North or South program, so this year I get to work in Brampton!! It's really close for me now. It's right on highway 7 adjacent to the Bramalie City center (yay!! >> it has a good comic book store). Plus I'll be able to visit Stacey in the summer so it should be fun.

Over the weekend I learned another Japanese writing system >> Hiragana. I think I've got a basic understanding of it. Now all I have to do is figure out what exactly it is that I'm reading >> which means I'll have to learn Japanese. I think this is going to be my goal for the summer. I'm going to try to learn as much of the language as possible and hopefully be September I'll be at a grade one or two reading level (hmm wishful thinking). I'll probably try to learn some Kanji too >> maybe just what they would expect a grade one kid to know, which is actually quite a lot (well at least by my standards). Japanese is pretty tough, though mostly because of their writing systems. Though English isn't a piece of cake either. I'm glad I learned it as a primary language otherwise I'd be screwd, hehehe...

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Yesturday my brother came home with a little turtle in a fish aquarium. At first I thought he had bought the thing (which wouldn't have been so bad) but then I found out that it had been found a pond behind my aunts flower shop, so it was a wild turtle. It was really cute but I new we couldn't keep it. I called a pet shop to find out about wild turtles in Canada and they told me they eat meal worms and minoes. So I told my brother we had to put it back. Boy, what a quest that was... I wound up having to hop a fence and walk down a hill to get to this pond. Once I put the turtle in the water it started eating the algae so I was happy. I hope it's doing ok.

I decided that I wanted to learn how to read Japanese so I took the first step last night and learned one of the three writting systems used in Japan >> katakana. This system has 46 symbols which are used to represent foreign words. I think this was a pretty good system to start with because the Japanese characters can be pretty much easily translated into English. I even practiced on some of my sailor moon comics that I have in Japanese and English. I did a pretty good job so now I'm really happy. I'm gonna try to learn hiragana next. I probably won't learn kanji >> there are thousands of characters and the only way you can learn them is through memorization.

I started watching 2 more animes this weekend: sensei no ojikan and kyou kara maou. Both are pretty silly animes but quite enjoyable. We'll see how I feel about them once I seen more of the series'.