Thursday, April 29, 2004

Well, today was another day of doing nothing. I had a ton of really weird dreams last night, one of which included a crazy murderer and my cat and I escaping to some far away country... I also for some reason ran into an old french teacher of mine who asked me how to say "the child wants to go to the bathroom". It was just weird. Anyway, back to the point, I woke up from one of these strange dreams at around 2pm and that was only because my phone was ringing. It was my mom and after a short conversation I went right back to sleep for another hour. So I really didn't get up today until 3pm >> 13 hours of sleep, yup that's right 13.

I really didn't do anything today until Rachel came home from here exam. We played this game called googlewhacking and I got one really fast. The purpose of the game is to find 2 words that will give you one result on google. Then when you get a googlewhack you go to their web page and see if it's a legal whack. If it is your name gets to go on their page. Check out the web page HERE. I actually got two today: abyssinian photoreactivation & balinese trochlea. It's quite a fun game if you have nothing to do.

Later on we were still bored so we decided to bake some cookies. We made peanut butter cookies (some with chocolate chips). They turned out ok (some got a little burnt but nothing too bad). Stacey came over tonight to watch Gilmore Girls but alas it wasn't on >> we still made milkshakes anyway. Later on Steph and Linda came over to watch Cheaper by the Dozen, which I must say was much better the second time watching it. Overall it was a descent day. Tomorrow I have a carreer counselling appointment at 1pm. After that Rahcel and I are gonna go to the mall. I really wanna get a pink skirt for the summer...

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ah, how lovely it is to do absolutely nothing. Yes I know I should be studying but my next exam is not for another week so hey, what the hell. This morning I woke up at 12 (likely a result of my going to bed at 4am), I would have slept in later but I had to drag my ass out of bed to put out the garbage.

I pretty much just worked on my new web page all day >> I still don't have a name for it though. Well maybe not all day... just until 4:30, at which time I decided to take a bit of a nap (it's really tiring just sittin on your ass all day, hehehe). I woke up at around six and made a pancake for dinner >> I'm really running out of food. After that Stacey cam over for some cake and well that's about it for my day. I played around on the internet for a little while and now I'm writing this blog.

My days are all messed up now. I can't seem to go to sleep unless it's after 3am. I guess I should get up really early some day so I'll be tired at a reasonable hour. *sigh* I think that's it for now. I guess I'll go back to doing nothing...

Monday, April 26, 2004

I had my genetics final tonight at around 7pm (we started a bit early just for the heck of it). I think it went desently. There were only 4 questions (with sub parts of course) on the test and I think I got one of the subparts worth 5 marks wrong and a question worth 15 marks either completely wrong or at least partially (who knows it could also be right). Anyway, so things arn't looking too bad. Now I don't have another test until next Tuesday, yay!!

My 22nd birthday was this past Saturday. It didn't really feel like my birthday though, I guess cuz we're in the middle of exams. But we did go out for a birthday dinner. It was just me and a few of my friends here on rez that went to Kelsey's. After dinner we went to Dairy Queen for a dessert blizzard. I got a reese's pieces blizzard (my favourite) and found out that they are discontinuing them!! I was so mad. It's appearantly because they've introduced the reese peanut butter cup blizzard so they're cutting out the pieces. Grrrr, I think I'm gonna write to Dairy Queen's head office. I love those blizzards...

I started a new web page. After learning how to use ftp I couldn't help myself. So I'm gonna use the free sapce we get from u of t. If anyone is interested in looking at it click HERE. I'm gonna be adding a link to it in my "contact me" section as soon as I figure out a title for the page. It's gonna be about downloading anime. When I started I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to use mIRC and there were no good pages to explain everything so I figured I might as well make one. We'll see how it turns out....

Friday, April 23, 2004

Well, I had my first 2 exams today and let me just say this... I HATE BIOMETRICS!!! Our prof asked us just about every question I never thought he'd ask. Obviously these were the things I didn't pay too much attention to aaaaaahhhhhh... Anyway I think some higher being was with me today because with only 30 left in the exam the fire alarm went off. Instead of having us rewrite the exam they just let us finish it!! hehehe I think I did a little better after that, lalala...

My second exam went ok I think *knock on flesh*. My hand hurt after I was done writting it though. I filled up a lot of pages. We had to choose 5 essay questions from 11 >> 2 from astronomy, 2 from astrology and then we got one other choice from either. My next exam isn't until Monday so I have a bit of a break now.

I finally learned how to use ftp. I wanted to upload some pictures on to the 10MB of free space we get from utoronto so I could link them to my blog (geocities blocks you from doing stuff like that). Anyway I did it *cough* with a little help from Lara *cough* who had a little help from Christelle. Anyway here are two pictures from Aishiteruze Baby...

The first one is of Kippei (the main character) and Yuzuyu (the little girl he's taking care of). The second is just a front shot of Kippei making an onigiri (riceball) for Yuzu's lunch.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

*sigh* I don't wanna write my exams. I don't have a very good feeling about this ones this week. On Thursday I'll have my first 2 exams >> Biometrics from 2-4 and Ancient Astronomy and Astrology from 7-9. These are probably my 2 worst classes and they just had to be on the same day. I hope thing turn out ok but I doubt they will.

OMG Passions is getting so good. I know I'm a loser for watching that show but I just can't help it. It's so dumb that it's good. Teressa just managed to get herself implanted with Ethan and Gwen's fertilized egg and is gonna hold their unborn child hostage so she can trade it for her child when it is born. Now come on, this must be illegal. I was discussing this with Christie and I think that she could be prosecuted for kidnapping. Christie says maybe not because what really is the definition of a child? I know that if I was a lawyer I would definitely go for a kidnapping charge.

Sunday I went to a toy show at the international center (I drove all by myself and didn't get lost!!). It had to be the biggest I've been to yet. I finally got a 1981 Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox (plastic not metal, but still good), and Rainbow Brite sheets. I was so happy.

Ok I just love the new anime that's out. I'm thinking of starting an anime blog. I've seen a bunch of them and they're really great. The only problem is they all have screen captures from the shows but I don't know how to do that. Anyone know and want to share??... I'm totally in love with Aishiterze Baby. It's the cutest thing ever and I love the opening and ending theme songs, they're just so good. I'm also kinda partial to the ending theme of Midori no Hibi. I've been reading the manga for this show and it's great. The drawing are really good. I should post a couple pictures. Maybe I'll put them in my yahoo account, hmm....

Ah, I forgot to mention, my 22nd birthday is this Saturday (or should I say 18th). I don't wanna get old...

Friday, April 16, 2004

Well, this past week was study week and can you guess what I did?? That's right, everything other then studying. It doesn't matter that much though since my first exam isn't until Thursday. I went back to rez after the easter weekend on Tuesday morning (my mom took me out for breakfast). I had to get back to rez because I had an appointment with the career councilor. We basically just talked and did an activity. I'm going back in two weeks for another appointment. I kinda just wish she would tell me what to do with my life.

I also had to be back for Wednesday, which was forensic science day. All the students in the mentorship course this year were presenting their projects. All the upcoming students for next year's mentorship were invited, so obviously I went (it's kinda important to see what they expect from you). We were given a free breakfast in the morning, free lunch, and then a free dessert in the afternoon >> don't ya just love free stuff?!? We also all got name tags >> students for next year got ones with blue stars on them, and the students presenting got red stars. Overall I have to admit that I was pretty darn bored. Of course I was half asleep the whole time, but a lot of the people presenting showed no enthusiam and spoke monotoned. It was a fight to stay awake, though I must admit that towards the end of the day the presenters got better. Well, at least now I know what will be expected of me (assuming I get a mentorship).

So I got into the forensic archaeology feild school for next year!! yay!! I'm so happy, they only excepted 20 people into the class. It's only a half semester but you have to spend the last two weeks of August in the feild. It should be interesting. I'm also going to be taking ethics in the law during the summer. The course wasn't run this year for some reason and next year it's gonna be held during the day which conflicts with the mentorship. So I figured it would be best to get it over with now. It's only a half credit so it shouldn't be too bad.

The squirrel I put out the in forest went missing!! O.K. so I'm sure you're all wondering how I know that. Well.... I guess it's just the forensic scientist in me but I just couldn't help but check on it from time to time, to see it's rate of decomposition. I'm not the only one who was interested, Rachel came to check on it with me too. Anyway, when I went to check on it the other day it was gone. I'm thinking some other animal took it. I guess I'll just have to wait till the fall to do the rat decomposition project....

Monday, April 12, 2004

Yay!! All done school... well at least classes anyway. Thursday was my last official day of classes, so now I've pretty much completed 3 years of university (well except of course for my exams). I came home Thursday night after CSI >> I made brownies for survivor night, but since there were only 3 of us, we each got to eat a ton. They were yummy...

Yesterday was easter and of course the bunny was good to me. I got lots of chocolates. We only had my aunt and uncle over for dinner but it was still good. We had turkey and a bunch of other stuff.

I haven't really been doing much lately... just messing around with the computer. I really screwed it up the other day. I had downloaded some anime that was in .ogm format and to try to get them to play I downloaded a bunch of different codecs. Nothing ever goes right... not only the the shows not play but all my .avi files stopped playing. I had to do a system restore to when we first got the new computer. Thank goodness that worked, so now I've given up on .ogm and an just happy to be able to watch .avi's. I started watching a few new anime's that came out this month. They're all really good. Here's a bit of info on them...

Aishiteruzu Baby

This show is so cute. It's about this guy who's a real playboy (really good looking too), then one day his aunt takes off and abandons her 5 year old daughter so now he has to take care of the kid.

Midori no Hibi

This is about a 17 year old guy who's never had a girlfriend (seems to be a predominant theme in anime). He's a fighter so all the girls are scared of him, except for this one rich girl who's had a crush on him for years (he doesn't know that of course). They one day he wakes up and she's become is right hand (litterally). It's kinda strange but really funny.

Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai

This one is about a guy who sees this bright light and goes to take a look. What he finds is a girl that's pretty much come out of nowhere. The suddenly this huge monster attacks them and to protect her he turns into this monster as well. After defeating the monster he turns back into his normal self and now he has to take care of this girl. I'n not sure how much I like this one yet, but the other two are great!

Sunday, April 04, 2004

So last night was the forensic club's end of year party. It was held for the second year in a row at professor Cummins's house. We had a barbeque and spent the night just hanging around and talking. Professor Cummins has a pool table so we played pool and this other game where you have to flick these wood chips with your fingers. It kinda hurt but it was pretty fun.

As we were walking to Christie's car to got to the party last night we found a dead squirrel lying in the parking lot. It was so sad. All the fur on it's tail was gone so it kinda looked like a big rat. I'm not sure how it died. It didn't look like it had been hit by a car (maybe it fell out of a tree or had some kind of disease). Anyway today I went outside and buried it in the forest >> no I didn't touch it, I used a shovel (in any of you were wondering). People walking by probably thought I was weird digging out in the forest.... well I guess I am kinda weird, but hey who isn't.

I've been trying to figure out how to analyze my data for biometrics all day. I couldn't get the data to meet all the assumptions nessesary to do a 3 way ANOVA (the variances just would not be equal). Anyway, after doing a ton of shit to my data, I finally met all the assumptions yay!! Now all I have to do is write up a 5 page report *cry* but at least it's my last assignment for the year.

My room is infested with these damn orange ladybugs!! They're driving me insane. Every two minutes I hear these clicking noises and what do I see? Another ladybug flying around my light. I've killed tons of them and I've cleaned my light at least one a day for the last week. I think they have a nest up there and everytime I leave my light on for a long time they come out of hybernation or something. So now I'm sitting in the dark... ruining my eye some more...

There was something else I wanted to talk about but I can't think of it now.... I'm slowly losing my mind...

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Yesterday was the murder mystery and it went great! Everyone did a fantasitic job, it was tons of fun though it did waste a lot of time and I'm paying for it now. I just finished my osteology paper and still have another essay to write for Friday, I'm in such big crap.

So, interesting fact... the first rubber band was patented in 1845. We were just having a discussion here about tying your hair with ribbons and of course rubber bands came up.

Earlier tonight we had a little tampon war. Christie and Rachel use playtex while I prefer tampax. So we opened some up and compared. The playtex tampons are long with a sharp pointed edge (ouch) but Christie and Rachel like them because they have ridges for grip. Also when you wet them they balloon out and are only stitched once to the string. The tampax (compacts) are small and you pull apart the two pieces to extend it. They have some minor ridges and a lip for grip. They extend out vertically and the string is stitched to it mutiple times. The head is smooth and non pointy. Both have their benefits but more now I'm stickin with tampax. Though I do wanna try these new playtex tampons called "beyond". They're tapered for comfort and have a coloured flushible applicator. They come in pink, blue and purple......finally a purple tampon......

Alternative tampons uses...
science project
cleaning sponge
weapon to whip at your roomates