Monday, February 23, 2004

Reading week is over, *cry*, and I've accomplished pretty much nothing, but hey what else is new? Last Wednesday a bunch of my friends and I went to Tresca, an Italian restaurant in Richmond Hill. It's a cute little place and the food was quite good. I ordered fettucini alfredo con pollo. It was yummy but there was way too much food for me to finish (though I did manage to squeeze in chocolate and lemon gelato, hehehe). Friday night was our annual valentine's movie night. It was held at Janine's house and her mom made us pizza (her mom's pizza is amazing). We also had our traditional cheesy poofs, twizlers, and oh henry bits. Christina made adorable pink bear cupcakes (though I must admit that I couldn't resist stabbing mine with a toothpick), they were very good. We also got some clodhoppers; I had never tried them before. I thought they were ok but had an odd sort of taste, kinda like potato chip seasoning on top of chocolate covered rice crispies and cookie crumbles. We watched Under the Tuscan Sun and French Kiss, both of which I very much enjoyed.

I read this girl's blog today and one of her entries was about why humanities were better then "hard sciences". She had 3 main points: 1) Science really doesn't have that much use in every day life (humanities deal with the "human" experience), 2) the works of past scientists are never really dealt with (because new theories replace old ones) and people don't really know that many scientists of the past (as opposed to philosophers), and 3) humanities are harder then sciences..... um ok.... that really all I have to say about that. But you know what? I some ways I agree with her that the humanities are harder then sciences, but only because they make them hard. What I've noticed in my humanities/social science courses is that everything is over analyzed to death and in the end there is no solution to any problem. This drives me insane. Last year I took a cultural anthropology course and we spent months trying to define "culture". In the end we determined that it couldn't be defined. WTF!!??!! For the love of god pick a definition and stick to it or eliminate the word all together.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Boy I'm getting lazy with this blog but hey it's reading week now so I've got tons of time. Last week I had 2 midterms and an assignment due so I didn't have much time spare. Anyway after Friday at 4:00pm I was free. Friday night I pretty much just lazed about. I caught up on all the T.V. I missed through the week and had a leisurely dinner (I made won tons). Later that evening Christie and I played Clue online and then Lara and Matt played an extreamely long but very fun game of Monopoly with us. Lara had the board game so we didn't have to play online. We made all kinda of immunity deals, it was so crazy. I owned everything on the most expensive side of the board (all the green and blue properties). But Lara won the game. She had like 10 grand at around 2:30am so I decided to quit (we could have gone longer but I had to get up the next mornging).

Saturday morning Christie, Steph, Linda and I drove up to Blue Mountain to go snowboarding. I drive up was insane. We had the whole route planned out but when we got to road 124 there was a police road block. So we drove over to a road that ran parallel to it >> I think it was called the 3rd something (maybe a concession). So we drove along that road for a while then tried to cut across to 124. But once again it was closed, so we went back to 3rd road and followed it until it ended and cut over to 124 again. This time there was no road block, but as we were driving along it we noticed we were the only one on the road. At the next intersection there was a road block on the road pointing in the opposite direction so we had been driving on a closed road. I think it was just closed due to bad weather cuz there was no construction or accidents. Anyway once we got on to an open road everything was fine and there were tons of other cars driving on it. It was snowing on the way up so the road were pretty slippery and at this one spot the car caught a dip in the road and started to swerve so Christie turned the wheel and we swerved right into oncoming traffic. This big truck was about to hit us so she turned the wheel sharply the opposite direction but this sent us into a 360 spin and we ended up in a snow bank but at least we were alive. We were driving really slowly so even it the truck had have hit us I doubt anyone would have been hurt. Steph slept through the whole thing and was kinda upset that she missed it. In a way it was kinda fun. It was the first time I'd been in a car that did a 360. Snowboarding was really fun. I tried to teach everyone (since they were all beginners) and I think they all got really quite good fast. At the end of the day we all went on a blue hill. Overall it was a great day and the drive home was fine.

Sunday I went to my cousin's bridal shower. It was at the Old Mill, which is a really nice place. The shower was valentine themes with hearts everywhere. Lunch was ok >> there were a bunch of different salads, roasted potatoes, ham, chicken, veal (I think), veggis, cheese and crackers and some other things. For dessert there was a strawberry shortcake, cheese cake, carrot cake, chocolate mousse (which I pigged out on) and some other small things. It was a pretty nice day.

Yesterday I went to work with my mom and to pay me for the day she bought me 2 bras. One is just plain white >> I really needed a white one. The other one is kinda a valentine's day bra. It's fuchsia pink with a light pink ribbon through it and lace. It's sooo pretty I just love it. Last night I went to Laura's house to watch average joe. That show is just so damn funny. I think Larissa is gonna pick the Boston guy. My brother bought X-BOX LIVE. It's actually really kool. It comes with these ear phones and you can listen to what other people are saying (you can talk to them as well). It's hillarious!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Well I haven't written in my blog for about a week now so here's what's been going on... Sunday was the viewing for my grandfather. There was one from 2 to 4 and one from 7 to 9. A whole bunch of people came, a ton of which I didn't even know. Between the viewings my brother, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmother and I went out for lunch at the Jolly Italian. The meal was pretty good, I totally stuffed myself. It was a really long tiring day. Monday morning the funeral was at 11am. It was really sad, I couldn't stop crying >> the day before was pretty happy actually, everyone stood around and talked, looked at pictures and ate cookies. After the funeral we all walked over to the church across the street for some lunch. We had tuna, salmon etc. little sandwiches cut into triangles. I liked the tuna the best. My brother really liked the salmon and got one of the ladies there to sneek him a plate to take home. After lunch we went to the crematorium and watched my grandfather get cremated (well actually we just watched the coffin go into the fire >> the hole process takes many hours). I think my grandmother is going to keep the ashes until she dies and then the two of them will go somewhere together.

Tonight everyone in our row went to Laura's house for a little talk and to exchange Valentine's cards >> we each got a secret person to make one for. I got this girl named Pam. We had to write down something that made us happy and our secret valentine was supposed to encorporate it into the card. My person liked chocolate so I made the card in the shape of a Hershey's kiss and wrapped it in aluminum foil. At the get together we had cookies with laminated questions inside them. We all had to read out our questions and peopel got to answer them. Overall it was a pretty fun night, though it did take up a bunch of my studying time...

Tomorrow/today I have a genetics test. I'm a little worried cuz I don't know the material that well. I just hope the questions are easy and straightforward. I have another test on Thursday which I have hardly studied for, and I won't have any time tomorrow night because of class so I'm pretty much screwed.

I think that's about it for now, though I must say that Rachel has requested that I mention that she was the inventor of the death by icicle senario.

As for the title of my blog... some of you probably know what I'm refering to but if not (and you want to know), just ask me...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

My grandfather has been really sick for a while now, and was in and out hospitals since around October. None of the doctors could really tell us what was wrong with him until about December. We all suspected he was having strokes but no one could confirm it until around Christmas. By that time however, it was really already too late to do anything. So for the last month he was progressively getting worse. The nurses told us last Friday that he wouldn't make it through the night but he did. Which didn't surpirse me at all because my grandfather has always been a really strong man. Plus I didn't really feel like he was going to die when they said he would. This morning I woke up and walked to my genetics class. On the way over I thought to myself wow it's a really pretty day and suddenly I realized that my grandfather had passed away. I didn't want it to be true so so I just ignored my thought (after all, I can't actually know things >> or at least that's what everyone tells me). But when I got back to rez there was one missed call on my phone. It was from my mom. When I called her back she told me that Nono Pete had passed away at around 5:00am today. We're not really sure when the funeral is going to be since my grandmother has requested an autopsy, but it will likely be either Monday or Tuesday...

I'm not really sure where he is now (since I'm not a believer in God and Heaven), but wherever he is I'm sure he's at peace. And I just wanted to say, I love you Nono Pete and goodbye...

Monday, February 02, 2004

Friday night I went out with Laura to the new Walmart at South Common. We ate dinner at McDonalds and I got a chicken mcnugget happy meal >> I always get it. Let me first say that the new "seasoned white meat" tastes exactly like the old mcnuggets, so I have no idea what they changed, but that's besides the point. With the happy meal I got a toy >> it was Lilo and Stich playdoh!! I just love playdoh. There's just something about it that's sooo great. Plus, I know this sounds weird, but I really like the way it smells >> it kinda makes me wanna take a bite out of it (though I never have, for the record)...

I finally got to read my Marmalade Boy mangas when I went home this weekend. OMG they were sooo damn good >> I'm gonna get the rest of them off amazon. Depending on the ending it may be in the running for my favorite manga (though Fruits Basket is still really great).

I finally have some pictures online. Some of them are from the Masquerade and one is a picture of Possie. Take a look at them HERE. I'm gonna be putting my pictures on yahoo from now on so I'll add a link on this page somewhere. All you have to do to look at them is click on an album.