Monday, December 29, 2003

I've been wanting to write in my blog for a while now but just haven't got aroung to it because of Christmas (and of course my lazyness). Anyway, I have a bit of time now while I wait for some things to finish downloading.

Christmas eve my parents, brother and I all went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. It's a tradition that's been around pretty much since I was born (or at least as long as I can remember. My grandmother cooks a 13 dish meal which consists mostly of various kinds of fish >> I don't think we're allowed to eat meat on Christmas eve. The meal was great (as it always is). After dinner we opened presents. There were sooo many this year, it took like 3 hours to open them all! I got a lot of really nice clothes. After that we just hung around and talked. It was the first time I'd seen Maxius since the hostpital. He's gotten really big, he'll probably be really tall (both his parents are tall).

Christmas morning we opened our presents at around 10am. I got a ton of really nice stuff >> clothes, manga, hair clips, strawberry shotcake & hello kitty stuff >> It was a great Christmas. At around 2pm we left for Barrie. When we got there we picked up my grandmother at her new appartment. It was the first time I'd been there. It's small but really nice. I'd say the perfect size for her. We then went to the hospital to visit my grandfather. He's not doing too well, I'm not sure that he even recognized my brother and me. After the hospital we went to my other aunts house for Christmas dinner. It was really good but it didn't really feel like Christmas. We played pool and watched a movie the rest of the night. Christmas just went by so fast...

New years eve me and two of my friends are going to a hall. I can't remeber exactly what it's called at the moment though. It should be fun. I have to get something to wear though. I'll probably go out tomorrow.

Today I went downtown with my father. We were supposed to go try this Japanese restaurant called Fune on Simcoe St. It has a floating sushi bar >> these little boats float on this river like thing and bring you your food. Anyway, the place didn't open till 5pm and I got really hungry before that so we just wound up going for Chinese food (which was really good by the way >> Sea Hi << it's on Bathurst st. and is in my opinion the best Chinese food restaurant >> of course I haven't been to many so I can't say for sure). So I didn't get to try Japanese food today but hopefully I'll get to go to that restaurant some other time (it looked really kool)...

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Well, I haven't written anything in about a week cuz I've been so friggin busy with Christmas stuff. So I'll start at last Tuesday...

Tuesday night was Janine's piano recital. It was at this place called the Waldorf school on Bathurst St. I drove there by myself and boy what a quest! I couldn't find the place for the life of me. I drove up and down Bathurst fro like 20 minutes and was just about ready to give up and go home when I kinda stumbled upon it. I was about 10 minutes late for the recital but I got to see most of it. The kids did really well and everyone enjoyed it.

Wednesday we all went to see Lord of the Rings. Just before I had to go to the theater it started to snow pretty bad, so my mom drove with me. It was my first time driving in the snow but I think I did ok. I went really slowly and was very cautious. The movie was really good, though I though the ending was a bit too long. I still have to say that the second one was my favorite. I'm not really sure why but for some reason I really enjoyed it.

Friday, Christina and I went to see Mr. Stewart's classes media projects. We only got to see one and a half but they were quite good and it was fun seeing Mr. Stewart again. The school he works at now is really nice. It looks more like a community center then a school. After that we went to Christina's house to bake cookies. Janine and Lisa came over too and we made gingerbread, and sugar cookies. It was a lot of fun. It took us all day and I got to stay for dinner. We had fish and chips that were great! Normally I don't particularily like fish, but this kind was good.

Saturday was Christina's Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. I got to take the car. We had dinner and deserts (I felt like I was playing a clue game) and then everyone talked/played games. There was this huge argument about books all having the same underlying theme and that everything that can be said has already been said (Pawel was trying to prove this, hehehe). It was a hilarious conversation. Anyway, I left at around 2:15am and didn't get home till quarter to 3. It was my first late night driving alone experience.

Today I took the highway all by myself to square one and what a disaster that was. I got lost going there and coming back! But in the end I managed to figure out how to get home (using the highways). It was a pretty good learning experience. I'm still not done my Christmas shopping though. I still have to buy something for Jackie and the end of my brother's gift. I hope I can get it all done tomorrow.

Monday, December 15, 2003
I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my last exam this morning >> forensic ident. I think the test was fair, just really long! There were 18 long answer questions. By the time I was done I thought my hand was gonna fall off. I just hope I didn't fail the course (which is a pretty good possibility).

So last night, when I was supposed to be studying for ident, I took a 3 hour break to watch survivor and boy am I glad I did. It was really good. I'm super happy that Sandra won. Out of the three that were left she was the only one I though really diserved to win. Thank goodness Lill didn't take Jon to the final two. He didn't diserve to get anything. He's such an ass.

Last friday my don took my roomies and I out for a girls night. We went to see Gothica and then to Dimetre's. I thought the movie was pretty good (it scared me a few times >> this girl kept poping up all the time >> I always get scared when things pop up out of nowhere). Dimetre's was good too. I had a crepe with chocolate ice cream, brownies, whipped cream and chocolate sause (it was good).

Tonight I'm moving back home. My check out time is 8:00pm so I have a bit of time to waste. I do have to clean my room and part of the house though. It was either gonna be the family room or the bathroom. I got the family room (Lara and I flipped a comb for it hehehe). Anyway, I guess I gotta start cleaning. This week is gonna be so much fun! Tomorrow I think I'm going to Janine's piano recital, plus I'll prolly go shopping. Then Wednesday Christina, Lisa, Janine and I (plus a few others) are going to see Lord of the Rings, yay!! And Saturday is Christina's party, I'm so excited. I can't believe Christmas is next week. It came sooo fast!

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Yesterday Henry came over to fix our kitchen sink, which has been leaking since the beginning of the year. I not exactly sure what happened, but when we answered the door he told us that there was an opossum in front of our house (I was upstairs but I could hear what was going on). So I went to take a look at it and it was soooo cute! It was right by our front door, hiding between our recycling bins. It had a white face with a pink nose, a furry gray body, black paws and a long pinkish tail. It was really scared and was kinda hissing at us but it wouldn't run away. So Rachel did a little internet research and founf out that opossums get involuntarily paralyzed when there is a threat (this is apparently their defence mechanism >> though I think it's not a very good one). She also found out that they are marsupials (didn't know we had nay in Canada), they have prehensile tails, 50 sharp teeth but wont really attack you, like to eat bugs, fruit etc., and a whole bunch of other stuff (opossums are really interesting). Anyway, I named our new furry friend Possie and we gave it 2 whole apples (I cut them up and deseeded them for Possie) and it at them both! Possie stayed with us till about 6:00pm (it showed up around 3:00pm), we took a few pictures so I'll post them once they're developed and scanned. I wanted to keep it but the web page on opossums said you can't keep them as pets because they're wild animals and should be left in the wild... go figure...

I've finished 2 exams now (just one more to go). I'm really not sure how they went. They could be o.k. or they could be bad (it's extreamly doubtfull that they went well). I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Oh, I finally got a course for next semester. Well, I always had enough courses but one of them was another physiology course and after the horror that was my life this semester I didn't want to go through it again. Since, like 99% of the good courses were full I was having a hard time finding a course to replace physiology. Yesterday, however a space opened up in science and psudo science so I grabed it right away. It's a night course but it's supposed to be good (it all about ESP, astrology etc. so it should be interesting).

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I took this test that tells you how much your soul is worth and mines only worth 52 grand! >> you can take the test HERE >> What the heck?!? I think it should be worth just a tad bit more (plus I think I put down some good answers, but what can ya do)....

I should be studying for my physiology exam right now but I'm not, hehehe, I'll probably fail. The exam is on tuesday but I also have my biometrics exam on thursday so that'll probably get left to wednesday (the physiology test is tuesday night so I won't have tuesday to study for biometrics). Anyway, enough with the procrastination, I gotta get studyin...

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

My cousin Mary had her baby today!!! It's a boy (we already knew though). He was born around 2:00pm today and weighs 8 lbs. I went to visit them at the hospital tonight >> it's in Orangeville so it took a long time to get there. The hospital was really quite nice. It looked more like a big community center then a hospital. The maternity ward was downstains, my cousin had her own room with a washroom and a shower >> the room was really big. Anyway back to the baby... he's really cute and has quite a bit of hair. It's dark right now but we're not sure if it'll turn blond (his father has blond hair). I couldn't see his eyes cuz he was sleeping but eyes usually change so we won't really know what colour they're gonna be for a while. They named him Maximus (which I for the record have always been apposed to but what can you do). I don't think my cousin is gonna have another baby. This was her first and she had a really bad experience. Apparently the baby was in distress for a while and it would come out (plus they have to take away the epideral from Mary) so she had a rough time. But who knows maybe after some time has past she'll want another one... Jackie was at the hospital tonight too (my other baby cousin). She's really big now and can walk and talk (jeez I don't see her for like two months and all this stuff happens). She never even really learned how to crawl, go figure...


A few days ago my friend Linda sent me a quiz about herself. Being so busy with my essay I didn't bother to look at it. This afternoon I finally did the quiz and thought, hey this is kool. So, instead of working on my biometrics assignment (which is due in a few hours and is still yet to be completed btw) I made a quiz >> it can be found HERE. After I sent it out I got a ton back (everyones makin them now). They're really fun and are a great way to waste time!

We had our pot luck tonight. There was a ton of great food and some really good brownies (not sure who made them). I got really pretty nail polish from my kriss kringle. Dale (this really hot rez guy) brought his puppy Marverick >> the dog is a golden retriever and is really cute and soft. overall it was a nice night.

Monday, December 01, 2003

I just finished a 12 page essay I had to write for lab methods in biological anthro. We hypothesized that living in urbanized environments increases the risk of cancer << like we didn't already know that. Boy was it horrible. It took sooo damn long to write and it really does suck but I'm just so happy that it's done.

I drove all by myself this weekend!!! Just around Woodbridge but hey you gotta start somewhere. It was so kool. I went wherever I wanted and no one yelled at me. I drove back to school sunday too >> my mom was with me but we drove on the highway. It was only my second time on the highway (the first was with my instructor). I was kinda scared at first but once I got on it was really fun. yaaay for speed.

Tomorrow we're gonna have a row kriss kringle, pot luck and a door decorating contest << we still haven't taken down the Halloween stuff hehehe. It should be fun (as long as I get my biometrics assignment done >> I got 96% on the last assignment >> I'm so damn happy cuz I nearly failed the one before that and they're each worth like 9% of our mark). The last assignment is due on wednesday. Oh ya, happy news the osteo bell ringer that was supposed to be firday got moved to after the Christmas break. Oh so happy...