Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I just finished watching survivor this week and I think what John did was totally wrong. He just went way too far and for what really?? A day with his friend and a little sympathy?? Other people had family members/significant others they wanted to see. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for lies and backstabbing in survivors (I loved the way Rob played the game in the last survivor), but this was completely unnessisary. I wish someone would just kick John's ass of the game.

We, the forensics club, held our first murder mystery of the year tonight. I think it went pretty well for only a month of planning (one hour a week). We didn't get a huge turn out but it was pretty decent. It was a lot of fun planning it too. We're gonna do our next one in march I think so we'll have a lot more time to plan. Plus it's gonna be really interactive. We're gonna set Colman up like the clue mansion (we'll sorta). Ther should be food as well so that always draws people in. We probably won't start planning till after christmas though. Everything is getting so busy now. Next week I have a 12 page essay due, a biometrics assignment and an osteo bellringer. Plus our don wants to have a holiday pot luck and kriss kringle. Ahhhh, I just can't take it, I want christmas to come...

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

For the last two years I've been trying to figure out a mystery. For some reason everytime I put a pen/pencil in the front pouch of my backpack it gets melted. I have no idea what would cause this. My bag has never been up against a heater or anything hot for that matter. Plus, I also carry a plastic ruler in the pouch and it has never been melted. Why just the pens and pencils?? I bet it's something really simple that I just haven't figured out yet....

What's this white chalky substance on my hands?? ... Hey I figured out what the chalky substance is, it's chalk!

Monday, November 24, 2003
I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I took my G2 test and passed, yaaaaay!! Ya I know I waited a long time but I least I got it. The test was pretty good. I had a women examiner. She was pretty nice. I kinda wanted a man though. But as long as things worked out it's all good. Anyway, here's what I had to do. I had to make a left out of the Downsview driving center onto Sheppard Ave. Then I had to go straight passed Keel. After Keel I made a right onto some street in a subdivision. I drove a bit in there then I had to parallel park. I did it absolutely perfectly, which was pretty much a miracle because I've never done it right before. Even earlier this morning my driving teacher yelled at me for not being able to parallel park. Anyway, after that I did a 3 point turn and a hill park. We then made a right onto Keel and a left back onto Sheppard, then another right into the driving center. The test was about 15 minutes long. I was sooooooo nervous all morning long. But I feel great now! I guess I can finally start driving on my own, yaaay. Gotta start driving on the highway too, don't know when I'm gonna start that though.

Yesterday I attempted to do my 3rd ident assignment. What a pain in the butt! I decided to do a dust impression and let me tell you, it's not easy. Man, you need a shit load of dust on your shoes to get a good impression. I just couldn't get a good impression for the life of me. In the end I wound up using baby powder instead of dust. It worked great. I'm not sure that we're even allowed to use it but hey, at this point I really don't give a damn.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I know it's kinda late but I figure if I don't write in my blog now I probably wont have time to do it for a looooong time. Anyway tonight my roomies and I (plus a few others), went to a mascarade/murder mystery put on by our don and a bunch of other people. It was absolutely great! We all had to dress up and we each got a mask and a new identity >> I was Brittney Woods the CEO of a multi billion dollar battery company, ENDURE. We got to eat hor'derves << don't know how to spell it >> and mingle with people. Then of course a murder was committed and a little play was staged. After that we got dessert and how about and hour to talk to all the characters and ask them questions. It was a lot of fun. After that some of my roomates went to the rez semi formal >> I had to come home to finish my ident assignments so I couldn't go. Damn ident, I really quite hate the course. I'll probably fail the assignments. We had to fingerprint for one and dust and lift prints for the other. I spents countless hours trying to get a good set of prints and they still suck. Our prof is absolutely horrible he barely even showed us how to print and then didn't even give us any class time to practice. Our class is 3 hours long and one of those hours is supposed to be lab time. But oh no, we have to have three hours of lecture instead. Tomorrow/today we have an ident class at 10am. It was moved to the weekend so the police could come show us some ident van. It should be pretty interesting, though I'd rather be studying for my test this Tuesday...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I just did this test called the "Hell test" (I'd post the link but I lost it >> sorry). It's supposed to tell you how bad you are >> and if you're gonna go to hell. I only scored an 11, which is really low (like I'm the poster girl for heaven). Anyway, I have some serious issues with this test. All the questions were either drug, alcohol or sex related. How is sex a sin?? If it were, everyone would go to hell. Drugs and alcohol maybe, but even they are questionable. Not once did they ask "have you ever murdered someone?" >> Now I'm no expert, but jeez I sure think that murder would warrent going to hell. They did however, ask if I had ever licked someones eyeball >> now that's a cardinal sin...

Monday, November 17, 2003

WOW, I whole weeks gone by since my last post (I'm getting really bad). I guess I've just been really busy. Last week we had our second osteo bell ringer, and well it didn't go quite as well as the first one but it wasn't completely horrible. I'm pretty sure I was ok with the bones but I'm not sure about the teeth >> you lose marks if you write down anything wrong about the tooth. Tomorrow I have another test :( >> it's another bell ringer but this time it's for physiology. It's only gonna be on three labs but we always get asked the most obsqeure questions that hardly even relate to what we've learned in class. I hope it goes alright. I would at least like to pass it.

This weekend I got an email from the forensics program about the 481 mentorship >> you get to work somewhere forensics related and have to do an independent project which is presented at the end of the year. This past year they changed the program around and since I only got into it this year it is no longer required that double majors do the mentorship (that means me). I can still do it if I want but since it's not manditory for me, which means I have a smaller chance of being accepted into it. We have to submit our applications by this Thursday. I think I'm still gonna apply, I mean there's nothing to lose by trying right? I'm not sure I like the idea of presenting your project at the end of the year but the experience would be great (I sound like a kelloggs commercial). If I did get accepted I don't know where I'd work. I'm not even really sure what I'd be interested in doing. Life is so confusing...

I watched the last episode of Ultra Maniac today. It was pretty good. Overall it was a highly enjoyable series, which I would most definately recommend. I started watching another anime this weekend >> to replace the space Ultra Maniac would leave >> This one is called Maburaho and it's a magic themed anime too (I though it would be fitting for it to take the palce of UM). Anyway it's really quite good >> I really like the opening and closing themes (I still have them stuck in my head). It's about this guy who is a below average wizard and can only use magic 8 times (then he'll turn to dust). Because he is soooo below average he can't get a girlfriend (this seems to be a major theme in a lot of animes). Then one day 3 girls start persuing him but not because they like him >> They only want his gene << apparently his child will become and extreamely powerfull witch/wizard. The main character is really cute and the show makes me laugh. It looks like it will be really enjoyable.

Alright, back to the books....

Monday, November 10, 2003

I haven't posted in a while do to a most wonderful lab report that is due tomorrow. But I'm all done now >> 25 pages later >> so I have a bit little time so spend writing in my blog. The lab repost was on enzymes >> the catalysed breakdown of hydrogen peroxide by catalase grrr it was soooo horrible and terribly boring. I also have an assignment (worth 20% of my mark) due tomorrow as well but it was no where near as long as the lab report (which, by the way is only worth 8% of my mark, go figure). Anyway, off that topic and onto a more pleasant one >> tomorrow we have another house check yaaaayy!! J/K I just finished cleaning the oven again. I really thick it's getting better. Hopefully by the end of the year it will be like new... We have our second osteo bell ringer this week. I haven't started studying yer and probably won't start until wednesday. This one is on teeth and the vertebrae, plus we still have to know the skull. The vertebrae don't actually seem so bad. There really isn't that many features to know. It's the teeth that are gonna kill me. I'm pretty sure I could tell you what tooth it is but left & right, maxillary and manidibular might be a bit of a problem >> at least for some teeth anyway... hmm well I think that's about it for now. I'm really tired so I'll prolly go to bed early >> of course it is still only 10:30pm, maybe I'll play some games....

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Hmm, well where should I begin? Things haven't been going to well lately >> well mostly just today and yesturday... and prolly till the end of November but hey I figured things had to go bad at some point. Let me begin by saying that I hate Forensic Ident and I'm seriously contemplating a career choice change. We got our tests back today and well, I didn't do so well. Granted I barely studied (damn physiology) but I didn't expect it to be so damn hard >> plus they mark you on spelling and we all know that's not my strong suit. It's too late to drop the course so I guess I'm stuck with it. I mean who would have thought it would suck this much? >> Biometrics isn't much better. I have now come to the conclusion that I have no concept of how to formulate a null and alternate hypothesis. I really did think I had this concept mastered but oh how wrong I was. I'm really starting to dislike this school year. There really is no single course that I particularily enjoy going to. Even archeology and cultural anthro were better then my courses this year. I mean jeez reading about the Trobriand's was likel thrilling compared to some of my books. I just hope that my courses next semester will be a little better.

On a lighter note, I'm completely broke hehehe >> isn't my life great? I think I'm gonna sign up for some hearing experiments in the psych department. They pay like 10 dollars an hour and all you have to do is tell them when you hear the beap. But seriously, I need to get a job...

Monday, November 03, 2003

This morning I got up early to get a flu shot. I'm pretty sure I've never had one before so I figured I should get it >> plus they were giving them away for free at the student center so why not get it? The lady who gave me mine was so nice. We talked about school and the forensics program and even even appologized for there not being an easy way to give me the shot. It didn't hurt at all and we even got a cupon for a free coffee at Williams (they just opened one up on campus) >> I don't drink coffee but maybe I can convince them to switch it for a hot chocolate. After the shot I went to the lab to work on my fingerprinting and dusting. I think I'm getting better at dusting but I really suck at printing >> it's really quite difficult to twist someones arm in just the right way to aquire a perfect set of prints. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to take a bad mark on that assignment... I slept for like 4 hours this afternoon and I'm still tired >> maybe it's the shot, or maybe I'm just tired. Suprisingly though, I did get a lot of reading done today so I guess the nap time didn't really hunt me. I really think nap time should be a manditory part of every work/school day. I really think pple could use it. I know I could....

Interesting fact from osteology: teeth evolved from fish scales >> it's pretty much the only interesting thing I've read in my osteo book thus far. Yes I know it's sad...

Sunday, November 02, 2003

After survivor night last thursday a bunch of us went to Halloween pub. It was completely packed!! I've never seen pub that busy >> of course I rarely ever go, but this was crazy. We had to wait in line for quite a while before we got in, thank goodness it wasn't too cold that night. It was really a lot of fun. I dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake (it's the only costume I have >> click HERE to see a picture) and I actually danced quite a bit (which is rare for me). There were quite a few hot guys there too!! << never realized there were so many at our school, of course a lot of them may have been from other schools. There was a costume contest and this guy that dressed up as the blue guy from X-Men 2 won. His costume was great!


On Halloween night, Lara, Steph, Linda and I all went trick or treating! On campus some of the dons had door to door trick or treating so we got to go around and get candy. There were only 6 houses that were participating though, so after we were done we decided to try our luck on Mississauga road. Suprisingly enough, people actually gave us candy. We were kinda following these guys that were clearly from university >> we figured if pple gave them candy then they would give us some too. We got quite a bit >> it was toward the end of the night so pple were trying to get rid of the last of their candy, so it worked out great. We even got one full sized chocolate bar! After trick or treating we went to the dance party at Colman where we found out that WE WON THE REZ WIDE PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST!!! >> click HERE to see our pumpkin. We got 4 movie passes for winning. It was a really fun night.


Saturday night Janine, Lisa, Christina and I had our second annual Halloween movie night. We had the greatest pizza >> Janine's mom made it for us and it was amazing!! >> generally I don't particularily like home made pizza but this was great! We also had a bunch of junk food >> chocolate spiders, twizlers, chocolates, sundaes and ice water of course!! We watched 2 movies, Jeepers Creepers and The Ring. Jeepers Creepers was kinda scary/funny. The 2 main characters kept making the dumbest decisions >> we were constantly yelling at them >> it was great. A few parts were scary though. Since I had already seen the ring it wasn't so bad the second time through >> but it did close my eyes a few times though hehehe. It was another great night.


This moring my dad and I went to a toy show. We had McDonalds breakfast and then went to the show. I bought a My little Pony Picture, which is now hanging on my wall, and my dad bought an old paint by numbers set. I wanted to get more, but alas, I have no money. Later on we went to Pacific Mall and I bought some Pocky. I keep seeing characters on anime eat it so I decided to give it a try. I got the chocolate kind and OMG they're soooo addictive. I just love them >> of course this is not suprising because I like anything chocolate (except if it's some kind of chocolate covered fruit or insect). I also bought a Fruits Basket poster and I saw the D.N.Angel wall scroll that I reeeeeaaaaally want. It was only 13 dollars too. But once again the lack of money prevented my from aquiring it *cry* I think it's time to get a job...