Thursday, October 30, 2003

Yesterday was the forensic clubs Halloween movie night. It was quite fun. We had pizza, snacks, played nightmare and watched some movies >> The Bone Collector and Urban Legend << I had never seen Urban Legend before. It wasn't too bad. Overall it was a fun night.

Tonight is Halloween pub and survivor night. I spent the afternoon making cupcakes from scratch >> they're vanilla with oranged coloured frosting and chocolate Halloween designs on them >> pumpkin, ghost, bat etc. I can't wait to try one! >> I'm waiting till survivor comes on. At 10pm we're all going to the pub. We couldn't get early tickets cuz they all got sold out, so now I have to pay full price at the door. It should be fun. We're all getting dressed up >> I'm going as Strawberry Shortcake >> it's pretty much the only costume I have.

Oh, we're thinking of getting a house blog! Not sure when we're gonna set it up though >> we're trying to find a skin that we all like, so it could take a while....

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Today we had our pumpkin carving contest and door decorating contest and I'm happy to say that we won the pumking contest. We totally murdered our pumpkin. We made blood shot eyes out of giant mushrooms >> one of which had poped out of it's socket. We put stab wounds all around the pumpkin with blood driping out >> and a knife sticking out of it's head. We had a blunt force trauma to the top of it's head with it's maggot covered jello brains dripping out. We also made it puking >> Christina >> thank your dad for that idea, it was a real hit >> we made the vomit out of green jello and we added in chunks of food >> it was really gross!! Our don took pics of it so I'll post the link to them as soon as she sends them to us. Our door was decorated really good too. We kinda decorated the entire front of our house. We had HELP written in blood on our window and bloody hand marks clawing at the door >> plus Rachel found caution tape on the way home from class, so we had that on the door too >> it was great. The house the won the door contest had a really cute door >> so congrats to them too! Overally we all had a great time doing everything tonight. The only bad thing was the cheap dollar store fake blood >> it won't come off my hands!!! I feel like lady Macbeth, "out damn spot, out I say!!" >> I've washed them like ten times but alas they are still red. Hopefully in time it will fade.

In first year Stacey gave me a nut to give to a special squirl of my choice. So I took my time and chose the perfect squirl, but when I gave him/her the nut they refused to take it, so I took it back hehehe. Anyway, I've had it in my coat pocket ever since. So I figured I'd try to give it to chippy >> I just loooove him >> So I put it in his little electrical box and when I went back an hour later it was gone!!! Yay, I'm sooo happy he took it!! He soooo deserved that nut >> I just hope it's not bad, I mean it is three years old after all.....

Monday, October 27, 2003

OMG I finally figured out how to fix them >> and it was the easiest thing ever, I'm sooo dumb. All I had to do was click this button that said "publish entire site". I'm so happy, everything works perfectly now. I really wanna tell someone but no one is here and Lara is sleeping >> I tried to tell her but when I walked over to her room she was sleeping on her desk hehehe. I didn't wanna wake her up >> oh she's up now >> I just heard her open/close the window. Well since I have nothing else to say, that's it for now...

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I finished midterms on friday >> Biometrics was my last one. I'm really not sure how it went. It was only out of 22 marks and there were five questions, so if I got one completely wrong I'm pretty much screwd. But at least they're all over *sigh of relief* >> Now I can start focusing on Halloween (the happiest time of the year!! >> yay for chocolates). A lot of stuff is happening on rez so it should be fun. Tuesday we have a door decorating and pumpkin carving contest >> we're gonna murder ours hehehe. Wednesday is the Forensics clubs haunted house/movie night, thursday is survivor night >> I think I'm gonna make halloween cupcakes, and of course friday is Halloween >> there's gonna be door to door don trick-or-treating. Then saturday is our second annual halloween movie night. So this week should be lots of fun. And boy do I need it after last week's hell!

I started watching some new anime recently. 1. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien >> it's a really good drama series >> really kinda shocking but it should be quite good. 2. Avenger >> this one is kinda weird and a little slow, but still interesting. It's a sci-fi about the future where pple are using dolls as substitute children >> I think all the pple are infertile >> they live on mars. Hopefully the show will pick up the pace soon.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Well, I guess I'll try this blog entry again and hope that it doesn't get erased *crosses fingers* Anyway, yesterday I had two midterms >> physiology and Forensic identification. Hmm, well, let just say I'm not too happy. I spent the whole weekend studying for physiology and pretty much ignored forensics hoping that the test would be pretty easy because the last one was. Oh but I was soooo wrong. It was a horrible test >> 7 pages of writing in one hour with only 1 multiple choice question! Like what the heck?!? One multiple choice?? Why have any at all if you're gonna be that mean about?? But suprisingly enough we did get to do fingerprint and dusting after the test was over. It was pretty fun. A few of my first dusting attempts were a failure but I think I got the hang of it after a while. I only got to try printing once so I haven't perfected my skills at that yet >> hopefully we'll get more time to work on it in the future, but with the way things are going in that class I wouldn't be at all surprised if we never got to do it again >> Now onto physiology. It just makes me so damn mad. We were given a test bank of 750 multiple choice question which we were told would make up ALMOST all of the multiple choice questions on the test. Obviously I spent all weekend answering these rediculous questions. It took all day saturday and sunday to answer them >> they were all unimportant bits of information in parts of the text book that we wern't even assigned to read!! Grrr, but in the end it was somewhat worth it because I new a lot of the answers on the test (assuming I actually found the right answers in the text book). I think overall the test was ok but I don't have high hopes for that course. On a funnier note, at the end of ident class on Wednesday, I went to wash my inked up hands in the sink. Attached to the tap was a hose (the class is in a lab). So I washed my hands and then reached to turn of the tap but accidentally turned the water on higer instead of turing it off. The damn thing went crazy and started spraying all over the place!! I got completely soaked >> and wet like half the class >> thank god the prof had already left or he might have though I was and idiot. Lesson learned: never use that tap again, hehehe...


I just wrote like a huge blog entry and when I pressed "post and publish" it disappeared!! *cry* I don't feel like writing it again. Maybe tomorrow....

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Lately we've been seeing this cute little chipmunk around the front of our house. Yesterday, when Lara and I where coming home from biometrics, we saw it in front of our door. Obviously when it saw us it got scared and ran into our garbage room. So I'm thinkin "yes!! now I can see him/her close up" >> the garbage room is about the size of a closet. So I opened the door and there he was (I'm going with male but I really have no idea what it is). He was soooooo damn cute!! He was just sitting there >> probably hoping we wouldn't see him >> or maybe not... he was kinda moving around and cleaning himself. Anyway, we got some cherios to give to him but he didn't want them >> we didn't have any nuts >>> what do chipmunks eat btw?? Eventually I left him alone (so I could study), but I went back later and he was still there so I called my other roomie to come see him. There are some shovels in the garbage room so she moved them to get a better look and he darted out of the room. He ran right by me, it was the cutest thing ever!! I thought that maybe he would be too scared to come near our house again but sure enough, this morning he was back. I just loooooooove him!!

Interesting fact in one of the U of T newspapers >> The duck hunt gun (for nintendo) worked through the use of a triggered light sensor that detected changes in light from the T.V. >> I always kinda wondered exactly how it worked...

Janine: I do have Norton from the University's website, and the virus definition file is completely up to date, but when I scan my comp it says I don't have a virus so I have no clue what the problem is. >> Oh ya I know I owe you money (haven't forgotten), but I don't know when I'll see u again >> I have all these damn tests >> maybe at the next movie night (keep reading)....

Christina: Yes I got your email (it was very nice), and I'm sorry that I haven't replied or called you in a while >> I will as soon as all my midterms are over.

Christina, Janine & Lisa: Are we gonna have a second annual Halloween movie night?? My midterms are done next week so I'm ok for next Saturday (the 25th) or the Saturday after that (November 1st << day after Halloween >> I'm prolly staying here for Halloween cuz we have a bunch of stuff happening on rez, but I'll be back for Saturday. I'm not sure when you all are finished midterms so let me know what days are good for you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

aaaaahhhhh!! I'm going crazy studying for my first osteo bell ringer!! The damn skull is way too detailed... no wait... it actually wouldn't be that bad if pple didn't name every tiny little impression on it. I mean cheese wiz, sulcus, fossa, ridge, crest, groove, protuberance, tuberosity, eminance, foramen... how many names do you need for things that generally all look similar?? ... ok so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but still!! *cry* I'm gonna fail. *sniff* thank goodness Christie has a skull otherwise I would have been totally screwd. I still have no clue about anything on the ethmoid and sphenoid >> hopefully we'll just get the bone and have to identify it >> cuz I sure as heck can't id any features on them >> sept for the sella turcica and formen rotundum, ovale and spinosum. Ah I just want this test to be over... so I can start studying for the 3 I have next week. Why to all the profs have to put their tests at the same time?? It must be some kind of conspiracy...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Well, I promised myself that I wouldn't go to sleep tonight until I got google working again and I did it here's what happend....

If anyone has actually been reading my blog then they will know that none of my search engines have been working for over a week now. Every time I typed in the URL to a popular search engine I would be redirected to a cPanel page that said "there is no site configured at this URL" >> ya my ass google doesn't exist. Anyway, using the one search engine that did work >> webcrawler >> I discovered that the problem could be a trojan >> other pple with the exact same problem as me all had trojan viruses. So I did what everyone else did to fix the problem >> I downloaded this program from norton anti virus that scans your computer for trojans and removes them. So I scan my computer and what oh what does it say?? NO TROJAN FOUND!! >> ya right I'm thinking. So I manually went through my registry looking for all the files that the trojan is supposed to put there and oh guess what, they're not there. So now I'm really pissed off because I really wanted to find them so I could delete them. So I keep reading about trojans and come across something about hosts. It tells me to search for "hosts" in the search for files and folders program, then look through them for redirected search engines. So that's what I did. When I looked through all the host files I found that all my search engines had been redirected to this IP address >> grrrr >> So I got one of my roomies to find the actual IP address (thanx Lara) and I changed them. So now all my search engines work!! This of course is not the actual solution to my problem but it works fro now so I 'm happy >> hopefully with all my search engines working again I'll be able to find a permanent solution. With all the crap I've gone through over the last week with this problem I've learned quite a bit...

1. Computing services sux ass >> they know nothing and refuse to help anyone.
2. regedit is extreamely useful >> u can get to it from "start >> run >> regedit".
3. You can get any website's IP address by going to your DOS prompt and typing "ping www."pageURLhere".com.
4. I know very little about windows >> and computers in general.

I think that's about it >> once again IF ANYONE KNOWS THE ACTUAL SOLUTION TO MY TROJAN PROBLEM PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY SOLVE IT >> I will love you forever!! Ah so sleepy >> gotta get up early tomorrow to go to the osteo lab, g'night....

Friday, October 10, 2003

I just finished watching the last episode of scrapped princess and I must say that is was quite good >> though I would have liked to seen Pacifica be a little nicer to Leo. But overall I think the series was good >> not one of my absolute favourites but definitely high on my list.

I'm all by myself now on rez, everyones gone home for thanksgiving and I'm just sittin around waiting fro someone to come get me >> it prolly wont be till around 8pm though. But I have quite a bit of reading to catch up on so I've got stuff to do >> probably wont do it though... hehehe... This weekend I think I'm going to my aunt's house for dinner tomorrow then going to visit my grandparents up north on Sunday so it should be an eventfull weekend. I gotta start studying too >> My first osteo bell ringer is next Friday >> it's only on the skull but I'm gettin a bit scared, I hope it's not too hard. That pretty much all I have to say for now except .... HAPPY TURKEY DAY EVERYONE!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Oh I just looooooove the grey ones. This is not what my blog is about today though... My damn internet is all %@#$ed up!! No search engines work!! None at all, I just don't get it, my browser keeps saying that no site is configured at this url. There is actually one search engine that works >> webcrawler >> but that's it >> no google, yahoo, lycose, aj, hotbot, looksmart etc etc. the list goes on and on. I've tried everything to fix this but nothing works. I think it may have something to do with this spyware I had on my computer before >> orbit explorer >> but it's been completely removed so I have no clue what's wrong. So if any one has any idea what the problem is or how to fix it please let me know...

On another computer problem related note my archives are still not working properly but now it's worse then before!! You can no longer view my archieves from august. Like what the heck!?! *sigh* this is getting quite bothersome...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Strange title huh??? I know! I actually went to the gym and did actual physical activity!! I can hardly believe it myself. I went with one of my roomates >> Lara >> we were there for about 45 minutes >> which is quite a bit of time for someone who has never worked out her whole life. Anyway, I went on the bikes, the rowing machine, and a couple leg machines. I think I'd be willing to go again >> especially since my butt's been getting a little big lately >> plus I want to make my legs prettier >> oh and there's also my health.... hehehe

On another note, we passed our house check last night.. yay!!.. though our don did say that the wall behind our stove needed to be cleaner. We had the row meeting for this week at our house and we had to provide a snack >> we made my chocolate cresent rolls (which were quite the hit even though some were slighly charred) and while making them I came up with yet another idea on how to improve them. Right now they're only filled with chocolate, but wouldn't it be nice if they could also be dipped in melted chocolate (kinda like fondue) >> so we're gonna try that the next time we make them.

My roomies and I all went to one of the breakfast series speeches this morning at Colman >> 8:00am (too early) >> we got a free breakfast and 5 rez points yay! We had to listen to pple from various organisations around campus talk though... it wasn't too bad >> we even got free stuff!! >> I'll prolly go to the next one too >> gotta get those rez points if I wanna get back in next year....

Monday, October 06, 2003

Tomorrow we have our first house check so I decided to clean the oven tonight >> I have classes from 9-5 tomorrow so I won't have much time to clean before the house check. Anyway, ususally when I move in to a new place I really give the oven a good cleaning but this year I didn't do it. I was just so damn tired of having to clean everything. I mean jeez who the hell lives in these places before us and why don't they ever seem to have to clean the house as well as we do?!? I don't think that damn oven had ever been cleaned!! The inside was just black, it was really disgusting. The stove top was just as bad >> absolutely covered in grease! I started cleaning it at 9:30pm and just finished now (11:40pm) yes over 2 hours and it still could be cleaned more!! But I've had evough >> I mean they're only so much you can do >> the damn thing really ought to be condemned. Anyway gotta read my bio lab for tomorrow >> yay osiloscope!! J/K...

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Well, today was the big day. My mother, aunt, grandmother and I, through my cousin Mary a surprise baby shower >> she's due December 8th and is supposed to be having a boy. All the guests arrived around 1:00pm, Mary got to my house at about 1:30pm >> she thought we were going out shopping. Oh but what a disaster!! My brother was supposed to make up something about looking at the computer while I was getting ready to go but Mary had to stop off at the bathroom first (which was totally unplanned for). The he got all messed up and brought her down into the basement the wrong way. So we were all waiting for her to come in from one side and she wound up comming in the other >> I think we were more shocked then she was! She was very suprised though and even started to cry at bit, it was great. We played a bunch of games thoughout the shower and had a full course meal >> horderves, canellonni, mixed vegetables, chicken breasts, roasted potatoes and litterally like 6 kinds of cakes, it was crazy!! But everyone got like a pound of food to take home. Mary got a lot of great presents >> my mom, aunt and I gave her a glider (rocking chair) and the other guests gave lots of clothes, sleepers, baby essentials, a portable bed, diaper garbage ... etc. I don't think she has to worry about anything now. The shower lasted quite a long time. By the time everyone had left it was around 7:00pm! But it was worth it. Overall I'm very pleased, though it was a ton of work! I haven't gotten any school work done in a long time so I guess I gotta get focussed again. But I'm sure it can wait till tomorrow hehehe...