Monday, September 29, 2003

Well, I finally watched the last episode of D.N.Angel. The whole series was just so damn good! It's definitely going down as one of my favorite animes >> and Disuke is at the top of my favorite characters list >> he's soooo cute!! I wish the series was longer though. It seemed like a lot of stuff got crammed into the last few episodes. It definitely could have been spread out more >> maybe 30 episodes?? I'm just so sad that it's over. Oh well, I guess I'll have to start watching another series to take it's place, but not until I finish a few more shows >> I got so much school work now that anime is no longer at the top of my to do list (I know it's shocking!). Well back to work >> I have a forensic ident test in 2 days.


Last night we all went out to celebrate the birthday of two of my friends, Janine and Lisa, who turned 21 this week. We had originally planned to go to Dave and Busters for dinner then to a club downtown, but it took so long to get into D & B that we had to scrap the downtown idea. We got to D & B at 8:00pm but because they don't let you make reservations we had to wait for a table. They told us it would be about a half hour wait which isn't too bad for a Saturday night, but that half hour turned into over an hour!! These damn girls who had the table we were getting sat and talked for 45 minutes after they got the bill, and refused to leave when the staff of D & B asked them too!! So obviously we didn't even start to eat until well after 9:00pm. By the time we were done it made no sence to drive all the way downtown. So we ended up deciding to go to Palazzo! I'd never been they're (and honestly never thought I would). But I was totally suprised when I got inside. It was really quite nice >> I kinda thought it would just be one big warehouse but the club was divided up into to bunch of rooms with one big central one in the back. Now I'm not the biggest fan of clubs but I actually really enjoyed it there (I even danced >> and for those of you that know me, you know that doesn't happen very often). The music was pretty good, and I had my signature drink >> Broken down gulf cart >> which I thought wasn't the best I'd tasted but definitely not the worst >> Blind duck pub is still at the top of that list! Janine and Lisa drank a lot and even got up on the podium to dance!! I'd never have the guts to do that so thumbs up to them >> It was really funny though when Pawel got up there with them!! Overall it was a great night >> minus the dirty guys. I was just so shocked by Palazzo. I guess that really goes to show you can't judge a book by it's cover!

I just finished watching the last episode of Stellvia *tear*. It was such a great anime, I highly recommend it. I really though Shima was dead at the end of episode 25, I even cried (I cry at everything though). I thought the ending was pretty darn good. Lately all the anime I've seen have had crappy endings. There was only one thing I thought was left unanswered... was the principle of Stellvia and alien?? I guess I'll never really know >> unless they make an OVA but I don't really forsee that happening. Though another season of Stellvia could probably work >> It would have to focus on Shima's brother and Arisa's sister though. I think it would be pretty kool. I'll just have to wait and see...

Friday, September 26, 2003

You know how when you turn on a foset and set it to warm, the water that comes out is warm? Well ya, that doesn't happen at our house. No, instead, litterally half the water is hot and half is cold >> right half is cold and the left is hot. Now I know that's not right!! I mean come on! There has to be a happy medium. It's just so weird. Especially when you put a face cloth under the water and half of it burns your face and the other half freezes it. So new foset is going down on my house want list along with oven and new vaccum (which, by the way, randomly stopped working multiple times today >> did I also mention that it has a setting for shag carpet?? Now u know that's old).

Recently on campus I've been noticing a lot of really hot younger guys. Maybe it's just cuz there's an influx of them with the double co-hort or maybe I've just watched too much onegai teacher. I've kinda been thinking maybe it wouldn't be too bad going for a younger guy. Just tonight one of the phase 6 dons came to our house to tell us about the toga party tomorrow and damn he was hot! He's only a year younger too. That's not so bad right?? I mean, how young is too young anyway?? Two maybe three years??...

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

OMG I was at the mall today and what do I see on display in the Le Chateau window... LEG WARMERS!! They were soooo cute. They were white and sparkley and looked really good. These are NOT 80's ugly leg warmers. They're really kool >> I'm soo buying some as soon as I'm not broke. I didn't even know leg warmers were coming back in to style... Well, actually, on one of the animes I watch, one of the main characters wears leg warmers all the time. Only I never realized what they were. I kinda thought that they were knee socks that she wore low and bunched up. But now I'm totally convinced they're leg warmers!! I REALLY want some *wimper*...

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Ah... I'm workin on this damn lab report for physiology and I absolutely hate it. I'm kinda just working on the charts and graphs for now though. But I'm sure the write up will be just as, or most likely more, intolerable. My Excell is all messed up. For some unknown reason, parts of my graphs are missing!! Like, what the hell!?! How does that happen? Grrr, well it's to be expected. I mean why the heck would anything go smoothly? Yes, yes I know I'm doing a lot of complaining. Hmm... let me think, do I have anything pleasant to say?? Uh, well there is a cute guy in one of my tutorials!! Yay! I just discovered his name... Brian... This is quite a change from all the Matt mania. Oh ya, I never really talked about this but right now every single one of my roomates, including me, has a crush on a Matt (all different people too!!). Jeez, what's the chance of that happening? It's Matt mania I tell you! Well, better get back to bio...

Friday, September 19, 2003

Eh, I really don't have anything to do for the next 20 minutes (have biometrics at 1pm), so I'm writing in my blog (I know, I've been slacking off lately). Nothing particularily spectacular has happened in the last few days at school, but the new survivor did start!! We had our traditional survivor night (complete with pilsbery cookies, yum...). I'm totally going for the Drake tribe >> they're waaaaaay smarter then the other tribe. All the premeres are starting soon > tonight's Boston Public >> it used to be on monday's, so that was a bit of a suprise, oh and I can't wait fro Gilmore girls this wednesday!! This week was clubs week at school. I signed up for the forensics club (like always >> this year should be much better then the previous ones though >> there are over 200 members! plus we have a good exec. this year). I also signed up for the snowboarding club >> it's new this year >> hopefully it will be fun (and cheap *crosses fingers*). I didn't sign up for the anime club cuz their shows are free (so why spend money), plus I've already seen a bunch of the shows they're showing so I might not go that often. I guess I'd better wrap this up, damn I wish school was cancelled. We got all these notices saying to be prepared for the hurricane and all we got was lite wind and some rain. Not that I wan't a hurricane to hit but no school would be nice...

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Today I had a physiology lab where we had to do a glucose tolerance test and a urinalysis. So between each pair of people we got to choose whether we wanted to have out fingers pricked or pee in a beaker. Since my partner had basketball tryouts tonight and didn't want to have sore hands I did the blood part (I wanted to do this from the begining). We had to get pricked 4 times (it was orginally supposed to be five but we ran out of time). Anyway, it hurt like hell!! My T.A. pushed down really hard on the pricker the first time (I think she may have even hit my bone cuz it still hurts). After taking an initial glucose reading, we had to chug this 286mL bottle of dextros. It tasted pretty good >> it was basically just orange pop (though not quite as carbonated) >> but by the time I wa nearing the end of the bottle I felt like throwing up (I still feel like crap). I haven't eaten since 10 this morning though >> we were supposed to fast if we were doing the glucose test. The rest of the pricks were ok >> I told my T.A. not to press so hard (I mean jeez the damn things are spring loaded so you don't have to jab them into your hand!). The urinalysis was well... how should I put this... SMELLY!! As part of the test for proteins the urin had to be boiled, and let me tell you, it's not a pleasant smell.

Looks like blogger went back to normal >> yaaaaay!! (maybe it was jsut my other computer though). I'm getting really mad about this internet connection on rez. Ok, yes it did only cost $85.00 for the year but it's now officially slower then dial up. It literally takes me five minutes to load one hotmail message! I hope computing services fixes this, it's never been this slow. We do of course have more people on residence this year but computing services should have though about this and made the appropriate changes.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Yesterday I went to the mall (square one >> my favourite) and picked out some glasses (with the help of my roomie of course >> thanx Lara :)). I got them from lenscrafters >> they where quite good there. Since my face is small enough I got childrens glasses. I think they're pretty nice >> just ordinary though. I wanted to get some funky ones but that just woundn't be practical. I'm only gonna be wearing them during lecture so I wanted something that would make me look smart. I'm back at home now >> downloading mass amounts of anime of course (I have to make up for my losses during the week!). But that's not why I came back this weekend. I still have tons of stuff I wanna bring to rez and more importantly tomorrow is my mom's birthday so we're all going out. I'll probably go back Sunday though. On another note... what the heck is going on with blogger?? Everything is changing (and not for the better). I liked the old blogger! I don't understand why they would change something that is good...

Thursday, September 11, 2003

I managed to get an appointment at the eye doctor today (someone had cancelled at the last minute). It was my first ever eye check up. They doctor did a bunch of tests and put some yellow stuff in my eyes >> overall it wasn't a painful experience. Anyway, he said that normally he wouldn't give a person with my eye sight a perscription but because I'm having trouble seeing in lectures he decided to give me a very weak perscription. So now all I have to do is find a pair of glasses that I actually like, and more importantly, look moderately decent on me (this is not and easy task). I'll probably look for a pair tomorrow... Today I got an email saying that my amazon order had been shipped >> I ordered some books a few weeks ago but one of the books wasn't being released until the 16th so I figured they'd ship next week sometime. Obviously I was suprised that they were shipped today. But what's even more suprising is that when I went home today they were in the mail box!! I LOVE AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!! >> I know I said this before but they just keep getting better!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003
SO, UM, YA... I CAN'T SEE...

So today was my first day of classes (physiology and lab methods in bio ant in the morning and my physiology lab in the afternoon). Well, when I got to my first class this morning what oh what did I notice? That's right, I CAN'T SEE!!! I mean, I can see, I just can't see well... Especially powerpoint presentations with bright colours on top of dark ones. It's all blury. I kinda figured this would happen. My eye sight has been getting a bit bad since last year (way to much reading). So I'm getting an appointment with the eye doctor asap. On a happier note I finally got an anime episode downloaded >> D.N.Angel 23. I tried all last night to download it but the speeds were really crappy. Then when I tried again this morning I got up to 150kb/s!! I got the episode in 20 minutes. It made me quite happy >> it was a pretty good ep. too! Oh ya, I also saw this really hot guy, that I've been in love with for the last two years, on campus today. I was afraid that he was two years ahead of me and that he wouldn't come back this year. But happily I was wrong. He must only be a year ahead of me. So I still have this year to make him fall in love with me... hehehe

Monday, September 08, 2003

Well I'm finally back at school!! (I haven't started yet though >> no classes on mondays) I moved into rez on saturday. Our new house is ok, though we could use a new stove (today the oven door fell off! I mean come on!! If the oven is falling apart I think it's time to get a new one). But aside from that the house is decent (my walls did need to be washed again this year though. I just got my internet hooked up like ten minutes ago and I must say I'm quite disappointed. It's really slow :( The first thing I did was try to download anime and it's downloading at like 5kb/s from a bot. Um.... what the heck!?! I guess I won't be watching anime anymore *cry*

Saturday, September 06, 2003

I know it's kinda late to be writing something but I really have nothing else to do. I'm just waiting for an Ikkitousen episode to finish downloading then I'm packing up my computer. Tomorrow I'm moving back into rez and I'm not sure how long it will be till I get internet access (most likely monday) so this is gonna be my last post for a while. Today I went out for lunch and dinner (Kelsey's for lunch >> my cousin treated me >> Spiga's for dinner >> an Italian restaurant). I've really been feeling like crap though. My sore throat still hasn't gone away but I don't really feel sick (aside from my throat), so I have no idea what's wrong with me. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow >> I don't really wanna move in if I'm feeling bad. Anyway there's about 4 minutes left in my download thus my post will end here.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

First of all let me just say ggrrrrrrrr!! I can't get my damn archives to work. I mean, I finally got them to show up on my blog (which in itself was a quest) and yes the links do in fact work but I can't, for the life of me, get a link back to the current posts from the archives. I just don't get it *cry*!!!

OK so I go to check out the lastest fansubbed anime this morning (Baka-Updates) and yay Onegai Twins 07 and Ultra Maniac 16 are out! So I download OT (no problems) then I go to download UM and what do I see?!? It's no longer in avi format but mkv. Grrrr this made me mad. I know matroska is supposed to be better bla bla bla but jeez why not finish the series in avi? It's gonna be such a pain figuring out how to watch matroska files. I mean, I really don't mind doing it, but at the moment only one fan-subbing group (that I use) has changed to mkv. I guess for now I'm just gonna wait till another group puts out UM. Then once more groups switch to mkv I guess I'll have to download a new player and codecs.

Ah, this morning a woke up feeling like crap. My throat was all sore! I hate sore throats, they've got to be the worst thing ever. I don't mind the flu, fever, headache etc... I can totally deal with all that but soar throats, I just despise them.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Recently all the old 80s cartoons and toys have been coming back (with a new "updated" look of course). Last week I just happened to be at Toys R Us (hehehe) and took a moment to look at the new toys. Well, here are my opinions...

My Little Pony: These toys are great!! I just love them. They look almost identical to the originals but still slightly updated. They're MUCH better then the '98 ponies (which in my opinion looked anorexic). The cartoon still hasn't been brought back but supposedly there will be a movie this fall.

Strawberry Shortcake: All I can say is yuck!! These dolls look nothing like the originals. They are only maginally cute and as for updated, well... Strawberry is no longer in a dress. I don't really have a problem with this but at least put her in some stylish clothing. I mean jeeze, they have her in tapered jeans with an elastic waist band. Oh and the new cartoon is really quite bad >> way to sugary, and the pets talk! Why?!? I've also heard that they will be bringing back Blueberry Muffin (my personal favourite), however, she will not have blue hair! That's just wrong!! ggrrr I'm mad!!!!

Rainbow Brite: These toys have yet to make their way to Canada, so I don't have much to say, though I have seen pictures. Basically the Rainbow Brite doll is identical, with one exception, Rainbow doesn't have bangs anymore. Only the one doll has been put out so far, though the rest will come soon.

Ninja Turtles: I think these toys are wonderful >> maybe even better then the originals! The cartoon on the other hand... well... I just don't like it. Their eyes are white, all white. Hmmm... That's all I have to say.

He-Man: I dislike everything about this "revival". The cartoon is just odd. He-Man and Prince Adam look like two different people. The toys really look more like something you would put on display in a glass cabinet then something you would play with >> although I do like the look of the new Skeletor >> quite evil.

Carebears: I like these. I even bought one (I wasn't even a big fan of the original carebears). They're quite cute, well... some of them >> the larger and smaller ones look a bit deformed but generally the middle sized ones are nice. No cartoon has been made yet, though the originals never stoped airing.

Monday, September 01, 2003

So yesterday my parents, brother, cousins and I attempted to go to the CNE (for my second time this year) and OMG it took forever just to get there. There was soooo much traffic. Well, after hours of driving we finally got there and you know what?!? There was no freakin parking (like anywhere >> except of course for miles away and that was just not gonna work cuz one of my cousins is pregnant and the other has a 10 month old baby). So we ended up going to red lobster instead (by this time we were all starving). But anyway, my father and I went today and surprisingly it was really quite empty. So we had a nice day out. It was pretty cool though but I didn't mind >> when I went last week it was really hot. Well I think that's about it ... time to read some fruits basket manga >> I highly recommend this manga, it's got a great story and a lot of really nice lessons (it sometimes makes me cry >> I'm such a baby though).